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17197 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 567
Livonia MI 48152-7912

  • General Phone: 734-742-2020 – Extension # Listed Below
  • Fax: 734-742-2033
  • Individual Direct Line: 734-838-Extension # Listed Below


Mr. Gordon Miller Rev. Mike Moses
Moderator  Moderator-Elect
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey J. Jeremiah  
Stated Clerk, Ext. 6940  


 Office of the Stated Clerk  
Rev. Dr. Ed McCallum Mr. Phil VanValkenburg
Assistant Stated Clerk, Ext. 6941 Chief Operating Officer, Ext. 6943
Rev. Brian Smith Mrs. Sandy Milis 
Director of Communications, Ext. 6947 Arrangements Coordinator, Ext. 6946 
Ms. Della Cullins Ms. Carol Templin
Executive Assistant/Office Manager, Ext 6940 Administrative Assistant, Ext. 6955
Mrs. Barbara Roberts Mrs. Nicholle Cormier
Inventory, Ext. 6958 Office Assistant, Ext. 6956
Mr. Jeff Sturgeon
Technology Administrator
Ms. Annette Minard Ms. Gerri Sutherland
Director of Finance, Ext. 6953 Finance Assistant, Ext. 6954
World Outreach (WO)   
Rev. Philip Linton
Director of World Outreach, Ext. 6962
Ms. Patti Moore Mrs. Amy Rose
WO Office Manager, Ext. 6945 WO Finance Assistant, Ext. 6951
Mr. Dick Oestreicher
WO Consultant/Advisor
Mr. Don Voyles Mrs. Diane Pray
Benefits Manager, Ext. 6948 Benefits Assistant, Ext. 6942
Women In Ministry (WIM)  
Mrs. Barbara Roberts
WIM Administrative Assistant, Ext. 6958
Student & College Ministries (SCM)  
Ms. Susan Holland
Student & College Ministries Coordinator Ext. 6952


2014 Mr. Gordon Miller
2013 Dr. William Dudley
2012 Mr. Ken Roberts 
2011 Rev. Doug Klein
2010 Mr. Rob Liddon
2009 Rev. Nate Atwood
2008 Mr. Allen Roes
2007 Rev. Bill Vogler
2006 Dr. Paul Heidebrecht
2005 Rev. Bill Meyer
2004 Dr. Orin Littlejohn (deceased)
2003 Dr. Ron DiNunzio
2002 Mr. Knox Sherer
2001 Rev. Darryl "Bud" Sparling
2000 Mr. John Graham, III
1999 Dr. James McGuire
1998 Mr. Alan Smith
1997 Dr. Richard Little
1996 Mr. Claude "Buck" Russell, Jr. (deceased)
1995 Rev. Wayne Hoffman (no e-mail)
1994 Mr. William Johns
1993 Dr. Graham Smith (deceased)
1992 Mr. John Adamson
1991 Dr. William Flannagan
1990 Mr. James Rimmel
1989 Dr. Andrew Jumper (deceased)
1988 Mr. Richard Heidtman (deceased)
1987 Dr. Perry Mobley
1986 Mr. Roger Vonder Bruegge (no e-mail)
1984 Mr. Donald Harms
1983 Dr. James Van Dyke
1982 Mr. Irvin Rinehart (deceased)
1981 Rev. Calvin Gray (no e-mail)

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