Thanksgiving Offering

The Thanksgiving Offering supports a project approved by the General Assembly each June, alternating between World Outreach and National Outreach.

2014 Thanksgiving Offering

The 2014 Thanksgiving Offering is designated for the EPC Church Planting Residency Program. 

The EPC Church Planting Residency Program cultivates healthy churches and church planters through immersive learning with experienced planters, in networks of multiplying churches, within missional contexts. Each resident will be developed in their personal life, pastoral vocation, and planting skills through practical ministry, coaching, study, evaluation, and reflection. Residents will write and work through real life case studies, while being exposed to myriad experiences along the way. Every August, residents will attend a gathering at one of the three hubs (The Bay Area, Brooklyn, and Charlotte). This gathering will be an orientation, mid-residency evaluation, or graduation, dependent upon a particular resident's current stage in the program.

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