Medical / Pharmacy 2014

The EPC Medical Plan is a self-funded program that provides medical and pharmaceutical coverage to EPC ministers and eligible employees.  The EPC provides this plan, not simply because medical coverage is wise, but because as Presbyterians we believe we have a mutual obligation toward one another.

The plan benefits and oversight belong entirely to the EPC.  At the same time, the EPC utilizes a third party (TPA) to administer all aspects of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Plan, to process claims according to the plan provisions.

Our TPA for claims is Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Through Highmark, EPC participants gain access to the Blue Card Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).  Via their web sire you can learn how to locate a Pharmacy, price a medication, identify medications preferred by the EPC Plan etc.   If you are a missionary serving overseas, we encourage you to become familiar with the BlueCard Worldwide website at

A PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization, offers two levels of benefits. Highest level of benefits are received if you receive services from a provider who is in the PPO network, often called In-Network.  If you receive services from a provider who is not in the PPO network, often called Out-of-Network, at a reduced benefit. You coordinate your own care.  There is no requirement to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to coordinate your care. 

For immediate medical and pharmacy plan help, participants should call Highmark Customer Services at the toll free number on the back of your Medical Insurance Card (866) 472-0928. Highmark Customer Service should have the information necessary to answer your questions. 

Summary Plan Document

The Medical Plan document constitutes the terms and conditions of your medical coverage. 

Medical Enrollment Form

Please refer to the forms section of our web site for information regarding eligibility and completion of medical forms. 

EPC SUMMARY OF BENEFITS AND COVERAGE (SBC) DOCUMENTS. Click here for FAQ about SBC compliance regulations.

Side-By-Side Comparisons of EPC Medical Plans

  • To view or print the 2015 Side-By-Side Comparisons click here.

2015 Gold HSA (EPC's  High Deductible Health Plan/Heatlh Savings Account (HDHP/HSA) Option

  • To learn about advantages & use of this option, click here and here.

2015 EPC Preventative Schedule

2015 EPC Notice of Privacy Practice

2015 EPC Prescription Plan Mail Order Information

2015 Creditable Coverage Letter 2013 - Re:  Presscription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Wellness Program (until November 30, 2015) 

What is a wellness program? It is a systematic approach to healthcare that emphasizes employee health and disease prevention instead of the treatment of an illness. Studies show that employees who participate in such a program are:

• Absent from work less often
• More engaged in managing their health
• More productive
• And less costly to the healthcare system

The EPC Wellness Program is voluntary and there is no cost to participate, but has immediate and long term benefits. To encourage participation, eligible individuals who complete an online Wellness Profile will receive a $50 gift certificate redeemable at over "200" retailers.

For more information about the Wellness Program and how to complete your online Wellness Profile click here

  • After completion of your Wellness Profile, you will receive an email notification confirming completion (sent to the email address registered on
  • You should expect to see your award in the mail from Hallmark Business Connections by the 15th of the following month of completing your Wellness Profile.  Eligible EPC members may receive only one reward per calendar year.


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