Mission Trips


Image Library (Global Map) - Student Ministries (Stock...Throughout history the Lord of the harvest has continuously used student mission movements to take the world evangelization effort into strategic new directions. From Paul's ministry at Ephesus in the Lecture Hall of Tyrannus-the local university that trained a small band of students who took the word throughout all of Asia Minor-to the counter-culture uprising of disenchanted upper-middle class young people of Italy that raised up over 200,000 young missionaries within 50 years of the death of St. Francis of Assisi, to the Student Volunteer Movement of the last century, recruiting and preparing qualified people to serve as missionaries has always been a monumental task facing the church.

There is no doubt that the Christian student world has been a major source of the missionaries sent out by the church, perhaps because it is during the college years that a majority of men and women decide on the direction of their life's work.

The World Outreach Committee and the College Ministries Committee are partnering to ensure that our church calls, equips and sends this generation of young people into the mission field. More than 100 EPC young people gathered at Urbana 2006 in St. Louis to learn how the EPC can help them obey God's calling on their lives. A number of summer short-term mission opportunities are being made available to college students, providing an opportunity to explore their calling and to become familiar with the EPC as a sending agency. We desire to make the Great Commission known to all students touched by EPC college ministries and to support students in every way possible as they seek to respond to God's call.


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