Supporting Our Work


There is little doubt that our covenant responsibility to our children extends through their college years. This responsibility, coupled with the church planting goals established by the EPC in Vision 21, should lead each EPC congregation to identify how it will join in this important effort to minister to college students, their campus and their community.

To launch and sustain such an ambitious agenda, we need the support of each and every EPC congregation. Here is how you can help:

  • PRAY that college campuses across our nation will be reclaimed for God and that God will help each EPC congregation discern how it will be involved in this ministry.
  • CONNECT our Committee with your college ministry workers, whether paid or volunteer.
  • ENVISION a college or university town near you that you believe would embrace an EPC church plant and share that vision with us.
  • ENCOURAGE college students in your congregation to consider an EPC summer short-term mission trip.
  • GIVE as congregations and individuals to the College Ministry Leadership Development Fund (CM-026) and the College Leadership Summit Fund (CM-025) which support our efforts to establish new college ministries in partnership with EPC churches and presbyteries and to provide networking opportunities and training to EPC college ministry leaders.
College Ministry Leadership Development / (CM-026)

Gifts to this fund will help to establish partnerships with EPC churches and presbyteries to develop denominational college ministries. Your giving to this fund will help establish a solid ministry footing for future EPC leaders.

College Leadership Summit /  (CM-025)

This annual Summit will bring together college pastors and leaders for a two-day conference to help network, resource, train and plan for EPC college ministries. This Leadership Summit will be important in launching and developing EPC college student ministry programs. Your gift will go far to provide necessary seed money in pioneering this crucial ministry.