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Updated April 17, 2014

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ATTICA-WILLIAMSPORT EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (AWEPC), ATTICA, IN - is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor who will be responsible for providing day-to-day pastoral duties for a rural, 70 member congregation. Qualifications they are looking for are not limited to, but include the following priorities:

  • A helpful counselor in cases of crisis or conflict
  • A compassionate and caring person, sensitive to others’ needs
  • Helps people develop their spiritual life
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God
  • Mature and emotionally secure
  • Encourages leadership and relates faith to daily life
  • Makes pastoral calls on people in hospitals and nursing homes and those confined to their homes
  • Continues to develop his/her theological and biblical skills.

The AWEPC is a beautiful, historic church settled in a small, welcoming community on the serene banks of the Wabash River between Lafayette, IN and Danville, IL. Their church is nearly 200 years old and embraces the history and tradition established in that time. As a church newly transitioned to the EPC (about 6 years), this is their first pastoral search through the EPC denomination.

They look forward to showing you how much rural community has to offer. Highlights of their dynamic and charming area include: local hospital and medical clinics; highly rated, close-knit school districts; abundant local retail and entertainment venues; low crime rate; close proximity to breathtaking state parks and scenic sights; hard-working folks eager to do their best; and short distance to major metropolitan areas offering additional cultural, educational, sports, shopping and entertainment activities; nearby interstate access.

Please direct your PIF, with cover letter, to or mail to Attica-Williamsport Evangelical Presbyterian Church, ATTN: Mandi Thompson, Chairperson of the Pastoral Nominating Committee, 300 E. Main Street, Attica, IN 47918.
(posted 3-12-14)

BETHANY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MERCER, PA - is prayerfully seeking the person who God has selected to be their full-time Senior Pastor who is ordained or eligible for ordination by the EPC. Bethany is looking for a Senior Pastor that God will choose to join Bethany on a journey to reach the community of Mercer and beyond by sharing their God-given talents and vision as they team together to exalt the word of God to reach the world for Christ.

Bethany believes in encouraging others in their walk with God and equipping the people of God to go out to evangelize reaching the lost for Christ. Together the members of Bethany want to see the church deepen its commitment to the truth of God’s Word and yet grow in God’s grace with each other and with those who don’t yet know Him.

For over 200‐years, the hand of God has been evident in the lives of the members of Bethany Presbyterian Church and its predecessor congregations, as God has moved, touched, inspired, provided for and protected those who have called Mercer their home and those who have identified themselves as members of this church family. Of special interest in this history are the many pastors who labored tirelessly in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to maintain a vision for Christian believers in the community especially with regards to their children and youth.

If you believe Bethany Presbyterian Church is where God is calling you to serve, please direct your cover letter and Personal Information Form in one of the following ways:

  • by e-mail to psc@bethany‐presbyterian.org
  • by mail to Bethany Presbyterian Church, c/o Joe Phillips, Chairman‐Pastor Search Committee, 100 West Venango St., Mercer, PA 16137.

For additional information, please view the Bethany Presbyterian Church Information Form or visit the church’s website at www.bethany-presbyterian.org.

BICKLETON EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY CHURCH (BECC), BICKLETON, WA - is praying for a full-time Pastor for their 70-member congregation and they are excited to see who the Lord will send them. Their church is the only church in this small, rural agriculturally-based community and has thrived for over 100 years due to the prayers, love for God’s Word and servant hearts of God’s people in Bickleton.

The town is a thriving community on a high plateau and experiences four very distinct and beautiful seasons of the year, along with opportunities for fishing, hunting and other outdoor pursuits. They are actually called the “Bluebird Capitol” of the world due to the beautiful mountain bluebirds who arrive for spring and summer nesting. Their K–12 school population is around 100 students and the school maintains an excellent and rigorous academic curriculum. Nearly all graduates pursue higher education and do very well in their chosen careers. Though they are a remote and very small community, Bickleton offers a variety of activities and one can be very involved in the local museum, fraternal organizations, the pioneer association and the school parent group among other groups.

It is important that their pastor enjoy fellowshipping with those who are part of the church body as well as those in the community who do not attend worship, and be willing to visit and encourage all, especially those who are ill, bereaved or shut-in. BECC maintains a strong youth group, Sunday school, Vacation Bible School and has a vital women’s organization. They encourage small groups and Bible studies and welcome all to participate. BECC’s mission is to win others to faith in Christ and to nurture the faith of those who know Him as Savior. They need a shepherd to come alongside them and walk with them in that mission, always encouraging faithfulness and leadership within the church body as they seek to live out their faith and reach out to others. It is their prayer that their pastor will love God’s Word in its entirety, believe it to be divinely inspired, love their Sunday worship service making it a high priority saturated with prayer, music and the preaching of the Word. Their pastor must be constantly seeking to grow in the faith and consider it vital to encourage others to find an ever-deepening faith in Jesus Christ.

See more about BECC at www.bickletonpres.embarqspace.com. If you are being called to this position, e-mail your PIF and cover letter to the Pastor Search Committee Chairman, Tom Whitmore, at or by mail to Tom Whitmore, PO Box 166, Bickleton, WA 99322.
(posted 4-10-14)

BROOKDALE CHURCH, ST. JOSEPH, MO - is seeking a Head Pastor to lead their congregation as they enter a new era in their history with the EPC. They strive to WIN people over, BUILD people up and SEND people out. This church family is interested in a pastor who is:

  • An effective speaker/preacher
  • Ministers effectively to people in crisis situations
  • A good leader
  • Builds a sense of fellowship among the people with whom he works
  • An effective administrator & teacher
  • Works well with adults
  • Works regularly at bringing new members into the church
  • Cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives
  • Encourages others to assume and carry out leadership
  • Deals effectively with conflict
  • 3 plus years of experience as a Pastor or Associate Pastor
  • Ordained or eligible for ordination by the EPC
  • Able to help the congregation set a clear vision with concrete goals
  • Heart for spreading the Gospel
  • Biblically-based preacher and teacher
  • Mission-minded

Brookdale has been in the same location for more than 97 years and they love their neighborhood and city. Learn more about them at www.BrookdaleChurch.com or their Facebook page (Brookdale Presbyterian Church). They have been praying and seeking God’s direction for their next pastor! If you feel this might be you, please e-mail your PIF and cover letter to Tim Larson at or by mail to Brookdale Church, 203 South 31st Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501. They look forward to hearing from you!
(posted 3-11-14)

BUFFALO PRAIRIE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BUFFALO PRAIRIE, IL - is seeking a full-time Pastor who will be responsible for providing pastoral duties for a rural, 160 member congregation that includes multiple 3 and 4 generation families. In August of 2013, after a unanimous vote, this church changed membership from PCUSA to EPC. Their church has been part of the local community for nearly 130 years. They have a recently updated 3 to 4 bedroom manse immediately adjacent to the church as well as a Christian Educational building and great room/kitchenette. Buffalo Prairie is a small rural community located approximately 20 miles south of the Quad City metropolitan area and 10 miles southeast of Muscatine, Iowa. Congregants come from Buffalo Prairie and other surrounding small towns within a 20 mile radius. To learn more about the church view their Church Information Form.

Buffalo Prairie EPC is looking to call a pastor who:

  • Cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God
  • Is a helpful counselor who helps people develop their spiritual life
  • Is a compassionate and caring person, sensitive to others’ needs
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Makes pastoral calls on people in hospitals and nursing homes and those confined to their homes
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives

They look forward to showing you how much this rural community has to offer. Benefits of the area include: local hospitals and medical clinics; small close-knit school districts; abundant local retail and employment opportunities; and short distance to major metropolitan areas offering additional cultural, educational, sports, shopping and entertainment activities. A community event, attended by people from five surrounding states, is the Aledo Rhubarb Festival. The church participates by making and selling over 300 rhubarb pies!

Please direct your PIF, with cover letter, to or by mail to Buffalo Prairie Presbyterian Church, ATTN: Pastoral Nominating Committee, PO Box 25, Buffalo Prairie, IL 61237. Call (309) 337-24 309-337-2486 with any questions or for more information.
(revised 4-15-14)

COMMUNITY EVANGELISTIC EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, KNOXVILLE, TN – seeking a Senior Pastor who will be responsible for providing, on a full-time basis, the day-to-day pastoral duties for a culturally diverse 200+ member congregation located in an urban environment.  In addition to providing pastoral duties, other duties and qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • Gifted (by the Holy Spirit) as a Pastor-Teacher
  • Degreed and seminary trained (required)
  • Reformed theological views (required)
  • EPC ordination or eligibility for ordination (required)
  • Maturity, having at least 5+ years in ministering the Word of God (experience as an Assistant or Associate Pastor will be considered)
  • Hands on experience with developing, implementing and maintaining an urban ministry
  • Willingness to increase cultural diversity within the local church body
  • Leadership ability to initiate and support Children and Youth Ministries
  • Willingness to develop other Inreach Ministries
  • Proven ability for developing an Outreach Ministry within the community
  • Good administrative skills
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Experience in counseling
  • Visit the sick and shut-in

Interested candidates should submit their resume with cover letter to Community Evangelistic Evangelical Presbyterian Church, PO Box 14579, Knoxville, TN 37914, Attention: Pastor Search Committee.

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SHARON, PA is prayerfully seeking the person God has selected to be their full-time Senior Pastor who:

  • Is an effective preacher/speaker
  • Helps people develop their spiritual life
  • Is an effective administrator
  • Is a person who cultivates a close, devotional personal relationship with God
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives
  • Encourages others to assume and carry out leadership
  • Has a strong commitment and loyalty to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)
  • Is ordained or eligible for ordination by the EPC.

Founded in 1858, Covenant Presbyterian Church has enjoyed a strong commitment to sound Biblical preaching, teaching and worship. They chose to become a part of the EPC in 2013 and are committed to providing Christian education that is relevant and steeped in the Reformed faith. Their diverse membership is unified in the love of Christ and their belief in the EPC’s Essentials of Faith.

If you feel that this may be where God is calling you to serve, please direct your PIF and cover letter to Covenant Presbyterian Church, c/o Don Hutchinson, Chairman of the Pastoral Nominating Committee, 263 East State Street, Sharon, PA 16146 or via e-mail to or visit Covenant Presbyterian Church’s website at www.covenantsharon.org.

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ORANGE, CALIFORNIA – seeks a Senior Pastor and, having recently joined the EPC, is prayerfully and eagerly anticipating the future. They feel poised, confident, challenged and blessed in new ways to make a difference in their community. Their mission is to provide a ministry deeply rooted in the Presbyterian tradition that reaches out and invites all people to join in the life and love of Jesus Christ, to nurture them in Christian faith and to equip them for a life of service in the kingdom of God. The 450 member congregation occupies a well equipped campus including a traditional sanctuary - all in beautiful Orange County, California.

They prayerfully seek a pastor who will build upon the strong foundation of a talented, dedicated and stable support staff, active Sunday school classes, a respected community Christian school and an outstanding music ministry. The church eagerly anticipates the opportunity to welcome a relational and innovative pastor who is committed to sharing the gospel through strong biblical preaching that leads to transformed lives.

The characteristics of this pastor should include:

  • Is an excellent preacher/teacher with a warm and engaging personality, is passionate and caring and finds joy in helping fellow believers develop their spiritual lives
  • A relationship with God that is intimate and devoted
  • Strong leadership skills and vision
  • Continues to develop his/her theological and biblical skills
  • Is an excellent leader who is mature and emotionally secure
  • Has a vision for furthering our outreach ministry to the community thereby growing the church
  • Makes pastoral calls on people in hospitals/nursing homes or confined at home
  • Has experience leading both traditional and contemporary worship styles
  • Can do ministry in a culturally diverse area.

If you feel you are the person that God has chosen to lead this congregation, please submit your PIF to Everett Geis at or visit their website (www.covp.org).

FAITH EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CRIVITZ, WI - is seeking a full-time Pastor to shepherd their small bible-based church of 150+ members, situated in beautiful Northeast Wisconsin.

They seek a Pastor who:

  • Cultivates a close devotional relationship with God
  • Is a compassionate and caring person who is sensitive to other’s needs
  • Deals effectively with conflict
  • Makes pastoral calls on people in hospitals, nursing homes and those confined to their homes
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives
  • Ministers effectively to people in crisis situations
  • Works regularly at bringing new members into the church
  • Is effective in working with children and youth.

Faith joined the Rivers and Lakes Presbytery of the EPC in 2013 and is looking forward to what God as planned next for them.

For more information, please review the Faith EPC Church Information Form or visit the church’s website at www.crivitzfaith.org.

If you feel called to this position, then please e-mail your PIF to the Chairman of the Pastoral Nominating Committee, Amber Pelkin, at , or by mail to Attn: PNC, Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, PO Box 7, Crivitz, WI 54114.
(posted 4-8-14)

FIRST EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, FRANKFORT, IN – seeks a full-time Senior Pastor to serve an active, mission-minded congregation of approximately 300. Set in a small rural Indiana community of 16,000+ people, Frankfort offers: new schools, outstanding library facilities, beautiful parks and many other features including the extension of Ivy Tech Community College which is under construction.

First Evangelical Presbyterian’s mission includes:

  • Making God great among them and in the world (Exaltation)
  • Leading others to Christ and discipling them (Edification)
  • Extending the Gospel to our community and the world (Evangelism)

They seek a pastor who:

  • Loves the Lord and stands on Biblical Truth
  • Preaches and teaches with the purpose of growing faith and knowledge so that their daily lives will reflect their relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Has a heart for missions
  • Has leadership qualities necessary to lead a staff consisting of an Associate Pastor, Director of Worship/Music, Director of Care Ministry, Organist/Keyboardist, Office Manager and custodial staff

For more information about First Evangelical Presbyterian Church, visit their website at www.fpcfrankfort.org or view their Church Information Form with complete Position Description.

Interested applicants should direct their EPC Personal Information Form (PIF) no later than June 15, 2014 to Eric Davis, Pastor Search Committee Chairman at or by mail to: Pastor Search Committee, First Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 352 W Clinton St., Frankfort, IN 46041 - Attn: Eric Davis.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, THOMASVILLE, GA - seeks a full-time Senior Pastor to join them as they experience a revived sense of God’s purpose. This 470-member congregation was accepted into the EPC in October 2013. They have emerged from their lengthy discernment process with a spirit of renewal and unity. Founded in 1853, First Presbyterian Church of Thomasville is a multi-generational congregation with a rich sense of sound Biblical teaching. Their mission is to provide a ministry deeply rooted in the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition that reaches out and invites all people to join in the life and love of Jesus Christ, to nurture them in Christian faith and to equip them for a life of service in the kingdom of God.

They prayerfully seek a pastor who will build upon the strong foundation of a talented and stable support staff, active Sunday school classes, a well-respected community preschool program, an outstanding music ministry and a vibrant 38 year old World Mission Conference. Their historic sanctuary anchors a four building campus just steps from Thomasville’s charming downtown.

Rich in history, Thomasville is a small town in the heart of southwest Georgia just 2 hours from Florida’s gulf coast beaches and 35 miles north of Tallahassee, Florida. Thomas County offers three outstanding school systems, a thriving arts community, a recognized regional hospital, a small private university, an expanding technical college and a vibrant downtown. Thomasville is a wonderful place to live and work, whether raising a family or planning retirement. To learn more about FPC Thomasville and their community please view their YouTube video, visit the church’s website at www.fpcthomasville.org, view their Church Information Form, Time and Talents Form and explanation or contact Search Committee Chairman Harry T. Jones at .

The ideal candidate:

  • Is a seminary graduate, ordained or eligible for ordination in EPC
  • Is an effective preacher/teacher with a warm, engaging personality who finds joy in knowing fellow believers and is ready to help them develop their spiritual lives
  • Can help grow their membership both in spirit and in number
  • Can help them establish their place in their new denomination by being actively involved in Presbytery and the EPC mission efforts

To apply for this position e-mail your Personal Information Form to or provide a hard copy by mail to First Presbyterian Church, 225 East Jackson Street, Thomasville, GA 31792, Attn: Search Committee.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN MORA, MN - has a challenging, full-time Pastor position available. This church, established in 1898, is a new member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) having originally been associated with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA). By becoming a member of the EPC, they have demonstrated their faithfulness and obedience to Jesus Christ as its only and sovereign Lord.

Mora, Minnesota is a community of about 3500 people and is located approximately 60 miles north of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. As Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” it is a play land for the outdoor enthusiast and also an area with great economic as well as cultural diversity. Many advantages, therefore, await the successful candidate both personally and spiritually.

First Presbyterian has adopted the philosophy of being “all in” for Jesus; and, resting fully in the knowledge that the pastor for their church is already chosen by God, they are led to search for candidates with the following qualifications:

A person –

  1. who loves and serves the Lord Jesus Christ and is guided by the Holy Spirit
  2. who has a vision for furthering an outreach ministry to the community thereby growing the Church
  3. with Reformed theological views who is either EPC-ordained or eligible for ordination in the EPC
  4. with a fresh enthusiasm for performing the following
    • planning and leading worship
    • expanding areas of Biblical study
    • visiting elderly, shut-ins and those who are ill
    • reaching out to and being involved in community programs and events
    • having a genuine care and concern for others
    • leading the growth and expanding the ministries of their church in concert with Session, Deacons and various committees.

If you think you may be the person that God has chosen to lead this congregation, please submit your application/PIF by e-mail to for a copy of their Church Information Form.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF LAREDO (EPC), LAREDO, TX - is prayerfully seeking a Pastor to lead their small biblically based church.

The pastor will lead and plan worship services, moderate session meetings, assist Ruling Elders in church management, visit the sick and be actively involved in cultivating relationships with local churches of other denominations. Guidance on topics for Bible studies, Sunday school and catechism (when needed) will be gratefully received. They are looking for someone who:

  • Loves the Lord and is biblically based and theologically sound
  • Is mature in their faith and can strengthen the congregation’s
  • Is compassionate and has a heart to lead
  • Is an effective speaker and teacher
  • Will work to grow the church
  • Is ordained by the EPC or eligible for ordination by the EPC.

First Presbyterian Church of Laredo is over 130 years old. Currently, they are a 13 member congregation with average attendance of 19. The church, though small in number, owns its own building. Their stewardship has allowed them to completely cover the cost of their facilities, which include a chapel with pipe organ and seating for 275, pastor's office and a fellowship hall consisting of a kitchen, offices and Sunday school classrooms. The fellowship hall has been used by mission workers as a home base complete with showers.

The pastor position at present is for a tent-maker, but it is the desire of the Session that as the church grows the pastor will become full-time. The total salary/benefit package is set for the mid-30s, and will include salary, insurance and housing allowance divided to address the needs of the pastor and his family.

Interested candidates should send their Personal Information Form to the Search Committee at .

KINGMAN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, KINGMAN, AZ is looking for a full-time, experienced Pastor to serve their well-established, 50 year old, Bible-believing church of approximately 100 members on a new journey with the EPC. They are predominately a congregation of friendly, retired persons looking for a caring pastor/teacher to welcome into their family.

Kingman Presbyterian is located in a small city in northwest Arizona on Route I-40 just off Historic Route 66 with easy access to Phoenix, Las Vegas and California. Kingman has affordable housing, low taxes, moderate climate, good schools, a community college and a Northern Arizona University extension college.

The church is debt free with much growth potential in a growing community.

For more information please contact Search Committee Chairman Joan Johns at (928) 692-0235 or by e-mail at . Inquiries may also be sent to Ms. Johns in care of Kingman Presbyterian Church, 2425 Detroit Ave., Kingman, AZ 86401.

KIRKMONT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BEAVERCREEK, OH - a community of people saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and united by His cause. They are new to the EPC and are looking for a Pastor/Head of Staff to join them on their journey of Going Out to Share the Good News, Growing in Fellowship with Jesus Christ and Other Believers and Glorifying God in All Things.

They are looking for the following qualities in their Pastor:

  • Effective preacher/speaker
  • Maintains a close devotional and personal relationship with God
  • Helps develop the spiritual life of the congregation as a whole and as individual
  • Effective in planning and leading worship
  • Helpful counselor (including dealing with crises and conflict)
  • Good leader
  • Effective teacher
  • Works well on a team
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives
  • Mature and emotionally secure
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Compassionate and caring, sensitive to others’ needs.

If God is speaking to you to join this family and lead them in Glorifying Him, please e-mail your PIF to or visit the church’s website at www.kirkmont.org.
(posted 3-26-14)

MIDDLE SANDY EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOMEWORTH, OH - a church of prayer warriors seeks a full-time Pastor to lead them in fulfilling their mission, “to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known through the worship of God and the teaching, preaching and living of His infallible word by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Nestled in rural Homeworth, they are a small town church with a 137 active members. The church was founded in 1821 and has been a part of their 500 resident community for nearly 200 years! Their Christ-centered congregants come from Homeworth and other neighboring towns. Homeworth is a short drive from Canton, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the thriving college town of Alliance. They are located in an excellent rated school district, recently ranked the fifth safest town in Ohio, have affordable housing and enjoy the benefits of small town living where families are valued.

After much prayer and study, Middle Sandy joined the EPC in 2007; they embrace the tenets of this denomination. The present church building was built in 1963, with an education wing and parlor added in 1995; the chancel area was also remodeled with the addition of a pipe organ. They are blessed with a thriving music ministry. They are proud to be debt free and cheerfully able to give offerings and donations to several missionaries, charities and outreach programs. The congregation seeks an enthusiastic pastor, led by the Holy Spirit, to encourage people in all walks of life to know Jesus Christ and to make Him known while leading the church into the future.

Middle Sandy EPC is looking forward to God providing a pastor who:

  • Is a person who cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God
  • Gifted by the Holy Spirit as an effective preacher, teacher, leader and speaker
  • Passionate about helping people develop their spiritual life
  • Encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives
  • Is effective in working with children and youth
  • Makes pastoral calls on people in the hospital, nursing home and/or confined to their home
  • Is a helpful counselor
  • Ministers effectively to those in crisis situations
  • Builds a sense of fellowship among people
  • Is a compassionate and caring person, sensitive to others’ needs

If you believe God is calling you to explore the ministry opportunity at Middle Sandy, please e-mail your Personal Information Form to Ruling Elder Scott Mason, Chairman of the Search Committee at .

MINDEN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (EPC), MINDEN, LA - prayerfully seeking a full-time Pastor for their congregation of 112 members. Minden is a small town bedroom community of 12,700 people 30 miles east of Shreveport, Louisiana on I-20. The church was founded in the fall of 1851 and has a well maintained English Tudor style sanctuary built in 1924 with beautiful stained glass windows, an activities building with a basketball court and kitchen and a fellowship hall with classrooms. It is on the US & Louisiana Historical Register and is located in the certified Historical District of Minden. They have a very nice brick manse with four bedrooms for a family located two blocks from the church in the Historical District. They are looking for a pastor who will join their family and strengthen and grow their member base. The church was released from the PCUSA in October 2013 and joined the EPC as a transitional member in October 2013. They expect to be a full voting EPC member within six months. Going through this process with an interim pastor has brought their membership closer than ever.  To learn more about Minden Presbyterian Church, view their Church Information Form.

They are looking for a growth-oriented Pastor with the following:

  • Gifted by the Holy Spirit as a pastor and teacher
  • Degree and seminary trained (required)
  • Reformed theological views (required)
  • EPC ordination or eligibility for ordination (required)
  • Leadership ability to initiate and support Children’s and Youth Ministries
  • Ability for developing an Outreach Ministry within the community
  • Able to help strengthen and disciple families in the faith
  • Visiting the sick and shut-in
  • Joining local organizations for local outreach and possible new member contact

Interested candidates should submit their resume’ with completed Personal Information Form to the Pastoral Nominating Committee at or by mail to Minden Presbyterian Church (EPC), 1001 Broadway, Minden, LA 71055. Call 318-377-3560 with any questions or for more information.

MT. PERRY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MT. PERRY, OH - Are you ready for this? Downhome, loving, Christian, country church ready to grow and seeking a full-time Pastor.

Come be a part of their new 7,500 square foot Harvest Hall where you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of working with a spirit-filled congregation. Their ideal pastor will have a warm welcoming personality and will be an active part of their community. A leader that is compassionate, mature in faith and can guide their church disciples in their spiritual journey with the Lord.

Mt. Perry Presbyterian Church is a very active 75 member congregation with more than 200 years of rich history. Help fill their hall with lots of love of laughter, while providing ministries to reach those who do not know our Lord and Savior.

If you believe God is calling you to explore a ministry opportunity at this church, please send a resume to the attention of the Pastoral Search Committee at 13099 Church St, Mount Perry, OH 43760 or e-mail a Personal Information Form to .
(posted 3-12-14)

PROVIDENCE CHURCH, CLYDE, NC - is looking for a full-time Pastor to bring The Good News. Located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, they are a small, Reformed, confessional congregation whose chief purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. As a body they are dedicated to studying His Word, maturing in their spiritual lives and as an extension of that they are mission minded, seeking to serve in the world both locally and across the globe to expand His Kingdom.

As a Search Committee they believe God has prepared a new full-time pastor who will relish their congregational strengths and lead them as they mend their weaknesses. To minister to this body of believers it would be helpful if you are effective in planning and leading worship in such a way that people grow in their spiritual lives and are encouraged through teaching to relate their faith to their daily activities and vocations. Their hope is that you would desire to bring new members and church veterans alike to cultivate a closer, devotional relationship with God. As a pastor of a small church they desire that you would continue to develop your own theological and biblical skills so that you may remain strong in your duties to counsel and visit those in need in a caring, compassionate and sensitive manner.

They believe that you will be supported by their discerning, congenial session and loved by their warm, caring and giving congregation. Join them as they KNOW, GROW, GO- learn to Know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Grow in faith and GO into the community to serve.

If you believe that God is calling you to this congregation and community, they invite you to view their Church Information Form. Helpful sites about scenic Haywood County, located 30 miles west of Asheville, NC, can be found at: http://visitncsmokies.com/activities/ and http://www.haywoodnc.net/.

Interested candidates should prayerfully send their Personal Information Form, resume and cover letter via e-mail to or send the same information by snail mail to Providence Search Committee, 1256 Evergreen Farm Circle, Waynesville, NC 28786.
(posted 3-12-14)

RESTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, RESTON, VA – seeks the full-time Pastor that God has already selected to be the next Pastor of their church. They are seeking the Pastor who is ready for the challenge of shepherding and growing a church in busy northern Virginia in an area that is currently experiencing significant growth. Located a short distance from Washington, D.C., Reston Presbyterian is uniquely positioned to reach out to people of every race, ethnicity and culture.

This church began as a daughter church in 1975 meeting in local schools. In the early 1980’s, the church purchased and moved into their current property, a strategically located 5-acre lot, with a Christian school (not owned by the church) located next door. They have been working through the process to build a new building on their property to upgrade and enhance their ministry potential. Reston is a planned suburban community that now has the Washington, D.C. metro rail system extending to it with additional new housing. They have a unique opportunity and are geographically positioned to reach these new residents.

Reston Presbyterian was originally part of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (RPCES), transitioned to the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in 2001.

The congregation is very friendly and supportive of one another. For much of the church’s history, they have averaged between 100 and 130 members at any point in time. Their mission statement is Reaching People for Christ with a Gospel-saturated, Spirit-empowered community, built on God’s eternal purposes. They are ready to take the next step in reaching the community with the Gospel.

If you believe God is calling you to explore the opportunity to lead a church in such a key place as Reston and northern Virginia, then please e-mail your PIF and cover letter to the Chairman of the Pastoral Search Committee, John Madden, at . A completed Church Information Form and 2014 ministry strategy will be provided upon receipt your PIF. For further information, visit the church’s website at www.rpcconnected.org or call the church at 703-759-5515.

RIVER CHURCH SOUTH, GONZALES, LA - is seeking a full time Pastor to lead their congregation in fulfilling the church’s vision: “To lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing settings where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue closeness to God, community with Christians and influence with outsiders.” They seek a pastor who is:

  • An ordained EPC minister, emotionally mature, with at least 3 years experience in ministry
  • An effective preacher and Bible teacher whose message is centered on the person and good news of Jesus Christ
  • Able to provide vision, inspiration and leadership in outreach and evangelism to the community
  • Able to build a successful Sunday School and discipleship program
  • Concerned about the well-being of members; will provide pastoral care to shut-ins and the infirmed.

Click here for a complete position description.

River Church South is located in Ascension Parish, one of the fastest growing parishes in the state of Louisiana, situated near the Mississippi River between the cities of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The congregation held its first worship service on Easter Sunday 2006 and joined the EPC in 2008. They currently have 60 members with an average worship attendance of forty. They desire a Godly individual with strong leadership skills to help them grow and make a difference for Christ in their community and beyond.

Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter, resume and their Personal Information Form to or send by mail to: Stephen Burchfield, 1266 Seyburn Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

ROUND POND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, FRANKLIN, KY - is awaiting the Pastor that God is leading to their church. Round Pond, founded in 1867, has a close knit, dedicated congregation that’s foundation is the word of God. Many members are deeply rooted in the church with multiple generations of the same family attending the traditional worship services at Round Pond. They are looking for a full-time Pastor that can take the congregation’s family atmosphere and nurture it to grow and honor God in all things. At the same time, they would like a pastor that can help bring in others that might not feel the peace and security of Christian fellowship into this family atmosphere.

Finding itself without a pastor, the church prayerfully decided that a change needed to be made in their denomination. They were welcomed into the EPC with open arms in August of 2013. The pastor that is called to Round Pond will need to foster and cement the relationship that they are beginning to develop with the EPC.

Located in south central Kentucky, Franklin is an agricultural community with a strong industrial base. With a population of 14,000 county wide, it is twenty minutes away from Bowling Green, home of Western Kentucky University. Also, thirty-five minutes to the south is Nashville, TN and the many amenities that a big city can offer.

For more information regarding Round Pond Presbyterian Church, view their Church Information Form. Interested candidates should e-mail their Personal Information Form along with a cover letter to .
(posted 3-31-14)

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (SMPC), SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN - is seeking a Senior Pastor to provide spiritual leadership, nourishment, and vision to their congregation of 2,160 members.

By the Lord’s leading, grace and provision, SMPC joined the EPC in 2007. The current Senior Pastor plans to retire in September 2014, after 25 years of devoted ministry and service.

SMPC was drawn to the EPC as a result of its adherence to the essential tenets of the faith, particularly focused upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture. Their desire is to discern the will of God and His choice for a leader whose life and ministry reflect a strong belief in the essential tenets and will lead the church body with these essentials being the primary guiding source for direction. Currently SMPC has three full-time associate pastors and one part-time assistant pastor who share in the responsibilities of ministry and preaching the Word of God.

Interested applicants may view Signal Mountain Presbyterian’s Church Information Form or a video version available at http://signalpres.org/about/signalpresvideo.

Personal Information Forms may be submitted via e-mail to or by mail to Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church, Attention: Senior Pastor Search Committee, 612 James Boulevard, Signal Mountain, TN 37377.

ST. ANDREW EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (EPC), AUBURN, IN – prayerfully seeks a full-time Pastor for a congregation of about 100 members, to begin leading June 2014. They seek someone who will join their family and strengthen the member base to help them grow in the knowledge of God in Christ, for one another and motivate the flock into practical ministry locally and abroad.

The shepherd for St. Andrew’s next chapter should possess flexibility to work with many age groups as a man of God who can clearly articulate a passion for serving, encouraging fellow believers in their walks and working together for reaching lost sheep locally, nationally and worldwide. This pastor is one who:

• is an effective preacher/speaker and in planning and leading worship
• continues to develop his theological and biblical skills,
• is a good leader who deals effectively with conflict,
• cultivates a close, devotional relationship with God,
• encourages people to relate their faith to their daily lives, as well as assume leadership
• is compassionate and sensitive to others’ needs while maintaining confidentiality,
• will be a leader of leaders, available to assist session, deacons and other church ministries
• is degreed and seminary trained (required),
• is Reformed in theological views (required),
• has EPC ordination or eligibility for ordination (required),
• has a desire and ability for developing outreach and inreach ministries,
• is well-organized with strong verbal and written communications skills.

Auburn is a northeastern Indiana community of about 13,000 just north of Fort Wayne. It’s a community rich in historical heritage and features several museums, libraries, parks, advocacy of the arts and a variety of festivals, landmarks, recreation, and entertainment.

The church was established in 1993. The congregation worships in a building which includes a sanctuary, fellowship hall, memorial garden, several classrooms, lounge, office annex and youth rooms. It is centrally located in the community in close proximity to the quaint downtown area, historic district and the primary commercial area to the west side. The building also serves as host for many community-based organizations, groups and meetings. To view St. Andrew EPC’s Church Information Form, please click here.

Interested candidates should e-mail a copy of their Personal Information Form (PIF) to or by mail to St. Andrew EPC, 320 W. 4th St., Auburn, IN 46706.

WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (ENID, OK) - is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor who will be responsible for shepherding a financially strong, mission-oriented congregation of more than 130 members. Westminster Presbyterian is located approximately 1-½ hours north of Oklahoma City and two hours west of Tulsa.

Westminster Presbyterian is a new church with a long history as the church was formed after the majority of its members left their former church which elected to remain in the PC(USA) in 2011. Westminster Presbyterian spent the majority of 2012 as an EPC mission church before becoming a particular church in the fall of 2012. They are a tight-knit, social congregation that enjoys fellowship with each other and is active in the community.

Westminster Presbyterian is looking for an individual that is:

  • excited to assist in the growth of their church
  • enjoys working with youth
  • an effective preacher (although this is not their most important focus)
  • committed to biblical teaching and discipleship
  • relational and active in the community
  • is ordained or eligible for ordination by the EPC

For more information about Westminster Presbyterian please review their Church Information Form or visit their website at www.wpcenid.com. Interested candidates should e-mail their Personal Information Forms to Karen Knapik at or by mail to Westminster Presbyterian Church, Attn: Pastor Search Committee, PO Box 3421, Enid, OK 73702.

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Associate / Assistant Pastor

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SAN DIEGO, CA – seeking a full-time Administrative/Congregational Care Pastor to supplement the ministry of the current (part-time) teaching pastors by providing on-site presence at church during the week for their 200 member urban congregation. Responsibilities include care, support, counseling, and congregational enrichment ministries. While modeling servant leadership and working under the authority of the Ruling Elders, he will manage the logistical/practical aspects of all church activities, enabling all staff and ministries to operate efficiently. The Congregational Care Pastor must be a team player that is passionate about discipling believers and finding ministry opportunities for them. Helpful skills and abilities include being an effective communicator, being a self-starter, being a skillful small-group teacher and knowing how to manage volunteers. There will be occasional preaching opportunities. The position description includes a complete list of job duties, responsibilities and qualifications for this position.

Interested applicants should e-mail their Personal Information Form to or by mail to Pastor Seeking Committee, Covenant Presbyterian Church of San Diego, 2930 Howard St., San Diego, CA 92104.

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MONROE, LA – is seeking an Assistant Pastor for Young Adult Discipleship and Evangelism. Covenant is an EPC congregation experiencing renewal and revitalization, with the congregation having doubled in membership and worship attendance over the last three years -- now with an average Sunday morning attendance of approximately 140. The congregation is blessed with a unity in fellowship, expectancy for the future, a growing number of young adult families with young children and a very healthy financial base. The Session is committed to both local and global missions, with Mission-giving exceeding 15% of the annual budget. Worship may be described as "moderately high" Reformed Worship (following Calvin's Service for the Lord's Day) with a blend of historic hymns and the best of contemporary hymnody with theological substance. The Pastor, John Mabray, has 30 years of ordained ministry experience. The Session is in search of an Assistant Pastor of Discipleship and Evangelism to work alongside Pastor Mabray and the Officers in the building-up and expansion of a winsome Reformed witness in the greater Monroe area.

The Assistant Pastor for Young Adult Discipleship and Evangelism will:

  • Spend most of his time building relationships with and among the young adult members of the congregation, with the intention of nurturing young adult members into deeply committed discipleship within the life of the congregation. This work will include community (fellowship)-building among the young families, which may include, e.g., teaching a specific Sunday School class and mid-week Bible studies or topical studies (e.g., marriage & family), the development of small groups, leadership of retreats and spear-heading social gatherings and mission endeavors which will serve to build a cohesive community of committed young adult members, as well as providing guidance for the development of family-based youth ministry.
  • Be responsible to initiate and oversee evangelism efforts in the community, with a particular view toward the students of the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM).
  • Will work with the Pastor and members of the Christian Education Committee in the planning of educational ministries (Sunday School, Bible studies, etc.) for the overall congregation.
  • Share in the leadership of worship on the Lord's Day, with opportunities to preach approximately nine (9) times per year (negotiable). As requested or as needed, the Assistant Pastor will perform other pastoral duties such as weddings and funerals.

Interested applicants should e-mail their PIF to John Mabray at or by mail to Covenant EPC, 1901 Milton St., Monroe, LA 71201.
(posted 4-17-14)

EASTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WICHITA, KS - seeking an Associate Pastor for Missions with a passion for Christ, the spread of the Gospel and a compassion for the lost and needy of the world. God promised Abraham that through his seed all the peoples of the earth would be blessed. Eastminster believes they are bound up in that promise and are to be agents of God’s blessings. In short they are looking for a Pastor with a vision, an understanding and a heart for the Mission of God and His people in the world.

Eastminster currently has approximately 1,700 church members and was formally welcomed into the EPC family of churches in the fall of 2012.

Beginning in the late 1970s, through providential circumstances, God led Eastminster to embark on a strong outward focus of missions, both global and local that continues to this day. They are committed to continue in this direction of God’s calling with cutting edge mission strategies, working with their mission partners and individual church members to continually adapt to a changing world as the Lord opens new doors and opportunities to be a part of His master plan to bless all the peoples of the world.

With this as background, they seek an Associate Pastor who has a true pastor’s heart and a strong sense of God’s call to fill this particular position. This person should possess a deep love for God and His church both locally and globally, express a humble servant spirit, live in personal integrity and Godly character, embrace personal accountability, practice a consistent daily prayer life and walk in dependence upon the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to carry out what only God and His grace can accomplish. This person should be a good listener, eager to understand past and current relationships with their mission partners and then to bring his/her own experience, vision, leadership and equipping skills to facilitate and inspire their local church body to faithfully live out God’s calling for Eastminster. In addition this person must have good administrative skills to oversee a large and complex mission’s budget, have strong pastoral gifts to minister to their mission partners and be willing to travel.

For more information visit the church’s website at www.eastminster.org or view their Church Information Form. Interested persons should submit their PIF form via e-mail to John Moody, Associate Pastor Search Committee Chair, at or by mail to Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Attn: Associate Pastor Search Committee, 1958 N Webb Road, Wichita, KS 67206.

FAITH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – seeking a half-time Assistant Pastor for Family and Early Career Adults. This intergenerational congregation seeks to declare and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the local community through a revitalized ministry to families and early career adults.

Primary duties focus on the evangelism and discipleship of Families and Early Career Adults (including graduate students). The assistant pastor will lead the congregation’s evangelism of these communities. The assistant pastor will also lead congregational ministries for families and early career adults with emphasis on discipleship and fellowship. The assistant pastor should help members identify their spiritual gifts and match them with existing and new ministry and fellowship opportunities. The assistant pastor will have an opportunity to participate in the full range of programs of the congregation working with the Senior Pastor.

Preferred Qualifications: Ordained or extensive theological study, experience or strong interest in family ministries and evangelism. The successful candidate should demonstrate creativity, self-motivation, collaboration, strong interpersonal, communications and organizational skills and be adept at communicating through social media.

Faith Presbyterian Church was founded in 1964 to minister to the West Lafayette community and recently joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Worship services are traditionally Reformed with expository sermons. It is a congregation of just over 100 members. West Lafayette, Indiana, located in north central Indiana, is home to Purdue University and its 40,000 students. The greater Lafayette community has a population of 200,000. As a university community, West Lafayette has a diverse citizenry and offers a wide range of culinary and cultural opportunities.

Remuneration plus benefits will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Applications should include a resume, statement of faith and a vision statement on congregational life in the 21st century.

Applicants should address their inquiries and applications to: Pastoral Search Committee, Faith Presbyterian Church, 3318 State Road 26 W, West Lafayette, IN 47906 or you may e-mail your information to .

KEMPSVILLE EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA –seeking a Director of Worship. See their ad in the Professional Staff section below.

TRINITY COMMUNITY CHURCH (TCC), CLOVIS, CA - seeks a full-time Assistant Pastor to work alongside the Senior Pastor who anticipates a modification of his current responsibilities over the next 3 – 5 years. The career path of the individual selected is expected to move from the initial position of Assistant Pastor to Associate Pastor, with the possibility of transitioning to full-time Senior Pastor within a 3-7 year timeframe. The individual selected for this position must be a seminary graduate and ordained (or working toward ordination) by the EPC. Individual qualifications and ministry responsibilities:

  • Firmly committed to the Reformed theology of the EPC
  • Personally committed to God’s Word through a deep, passionate, abiding love and faith in Jesus Christ, reflected in every aspect of your life
  • Committed to uncompromised expository preaching of God’s Word (initially 1 - 2 times per month)
  • Has a strong passion for Missions and reaching the lost - locally, nationally and internationally
  • Delights to be with God's people: warm, welcoming, encouraging and relational
  • Recognized as spiritually gifted in the position of Pastor-Teacher
  • A minimum of 5 years in ministering the Word of God as an Assistant, Associate or Senior Pastor
  • Leadership and administrative skills capable of shepherding what is likely to be a 1,000 member congregation within the next 5 years
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Responsible for developing and nurturing their ministry to young and middle aged families, emphasizing discipleship, evangelism and men’s ministries
  • Responsible for coming alongside the Senior Pastor to support existing ministries and accomplish a seamless transition to Senior Pastor/Head of Staff responsibilities
  • Demonstrated ability to develop staff and leaders within the church while initially leading from the “second chair”
  • Focused and strong commitment to shepherding the flock

TCC transitioned to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in September of 2009. The congregation has regular Sunday A.M. worship attendance of 600 adults and 900 total on campus including children/students. Trinity Community has been blessed with significant growth in recent years, both in numbers and in spiritual maturity. The leadership of Trinity believes that when God’s people are taught well, brought into a right relationship with Him through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and equipped properly for His kingdom work – they will have a natural desire to share Him with others. The Bible and the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will always be the foundation, the focus and fuel for all that is said and done at Trinity.

Trinity Community Church is located on 22 acres in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, near the foothills just east of the City of Fresno. The surrounding community is suburban, located in close proximity to agricultural farmland, the Central California Coast, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, and Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. For more information about Trinity Community Church please go to www.trinitycc.com. If you believe God is calling you to explore the possibility of serving TCC in this current and future capacity, please submit a completed EPC Personal Information Form (PIF) or resume/CV to or by mail to Nathan Belknap, Trinity Community Church, 12168 N. Willow Ave., Clovis, CA 93619.

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Professional Staff

BELLEVUE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, GAP, PA - is seeking a full-time Director of Youth Ministries to assist in the pastoral services of their church and the larger community, as well as in the administration of the church.


  1. A strong personal faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to nurture such a faith in others
  2. A strong commitment to the work and ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ
  3. Adherence to the doctrines of Reformed theology
  4. A genuine calling and gift for youth ministry
  5. A love for people and the ability to relate to all ages, fostering intergenerational relationships
  6. A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry, Christian Education or a related field, and experience in Christian Education/Youth Ministry leadership
  7. An ability to work with others in a loving and caring manner and to reflect the love and concern of Jesus Christ in one’s daily life and work
  8. Proficiency in computer technology, digital and social media
  9. Effective organizational, communication and writing skills
  10. The ability to hold things in confidence


  1. Youth Ministry
  2. Pastoral Ministry for Youth and Families
  3. Recruiting and training youth leaders
  4. Ministering to College and Career Age Group
  5. Administrative and Pastoral support
  6. Additional duties as determined by the Pastor or Session

Bellevue Presbyterian Church transitioned to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in January 2011. They are a 190-year old congregation with over 400 members in southeastern Pennsylvania. Lush green rolling hills frame their town as they lie one hour west of Philadelphia.

The purpose statement of Bellevue Presbyterian Church is “Bellevue is a family of faith who lifts up the name of Jesus Christ in worship, teaches the truth of Christ to those who follow him and shows the way to Christ to those who do not know him, all for the glory of God.” The following links will provide more information about the church and their outreaches, as well as information regarding beautiful Lancaster County:


Interested individuals should send their resumes to .

BETHANY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MERCER, PA - is currently seeking a full-time Children and Youth Christian Education Director. This is a non-traditional, 40 hours/week position. Evenings and weekends will be required. You will be working with elementary aged children as well as junior/senior high students. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to Sunday School, camps, retreats, youth groups, after school programs, etc. All interested college graduates or non-ordained seminary graduates should send a resume to Bethany Presbyterian Church, 100 W. Venango Street, Mercer, PA 16137, Attn. Personnel Committee.

CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, SAINT LOUIS, MO (EPC) - is searching for an Assistant Children's Ministry Director to help lead their children's ministry. They are looking for a creative, enthusiastic and teachable leader who has a passion for raising and reaching the next generation of God's people working particularly with ministry to preschool aged children. The Assistant Children's Ministry Director must have a deep and abiding love for Christ, children, families, the Church and be able to teach the gospel. The candidate must have a background in education or children's ministry. This paid, full-time position will require a multi-year commitment. If this position interests you, please send your resume to Central’s Children’s Ministry Administrator, Jenny Zulauf, at .

CHRIST CHURCH EPC, ANDERSON, SC - is seeking a full-time Youth Minister to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth; to train them in serving Christ with their life. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their teenagers to spiritual maturity.


  • Must be a born again believer with a maturing relationship with Christ
  • Must be a graduate or fourth year student of a Bible college or Christian liberal arts college with a degree in theology, Christian Education or Youth Ministry; a thorough knowledge of the Bible is essential
  • Must embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the gifts in the church as taught in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and Ephesians 4:11-13
  • Must have a desire for evangelism among the teens
  • Must subscribe to the doctrine and discipline of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead Sunday morning youth class and Wednesday night youth meeting
  • Organize monthly youth events
  • Cultivate a value for evangelism and plan outreach events
  • Participate in worship services when requested
  • Attend all worship services and other events of the church as time allows
  • Continue growth and development through conferences, reading and exchange of ideas with others
  • Develop an adult youth staff of volunteers.

Christ Church EPC of Anderson, SC is a 28 year old congregation with 160 members in northwest South Carolina. Christ Church is a loving, encouraging and supportive congregation. Christ Church embraces Spirit-filled worship and the 5-fold ministry in the Church. Christ Church is a congregation that is unified on issues, committed to prayer and a tithing body of believers that values truthful doctrine.

For additional information about the church visit their website at www.christchurchepc.com or view their Church Information Form.

Interested candidates please send your Personal Information Form (PIF) and other relevant materials to Dan Jackson at .
(posted 3-17-14)

COLLEGE CORNER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, COLLEGE CORNER, OH – seeking a part-time (10 hours/week) Worship Leader to lead them into greater worship/freedom.  Vocal and piano or guitar skills required.  College Corner Presbyterian is a 135 member small town church located seven miles from Miami University in Oxford, OH.  It is an inter-generational congregation with blended worship styles.  For more information contact Jason Bantz at (513) 839-0546.

COVENANT CHURCH, WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - currently seeking an Assistant Director For Students and Their Families. This is a new role, serving in a church family of 1000+ participants. The Assistant Director For Students and Their Families role exists to assist the Pastor for Students and Their Families in partnering primarily with families and adult and student leaders in order to bring 6th through 12th grade students into relationship with Christ and into healthy relationships with each other. This role also encourages healthy relationships within the families of students and within the body of Christ. This is accomplished through discipling students for a vibrant walk with Christ, equipping parents, and by offering equipping opportunities across the five Discipleship Destinations (Abiding, Learning, Relating, Serving, Reaching).

Covenant Church is looking for a person who possesses a vibrant love for the Lord and a desire to see that same love evident in the lives of students and their families as well as an ability to assist in equipping parents, adult/student leaders and students toward this end. This person will also be characterized by a wise and mature way of relating with others, and possess a heart of humility. This person needs to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Student Ministry or Christian Education, with a minimum 2 years of direct experience in student ministry.

If you sense God may be calling you to serve in this role, please e-mail your resume and cover letter to the Assistant Director For Students and Their Families Search Team, c/o . More information about Covenant is available on their website at www.covenantepc.org.  Click here to view a complete position description.

COVENANT CHURCH, WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - a vibrant congregation of 900+ members and attendees is seeking a full-time Worship Arts Pastor to lead the congregation in Christ-centered, God-honoring worship; to lead in the creation and execution of Sunday worship services; and to lead and pastor the Worship Arts Ministry teams.

In addition to these three primary areas of responsibility, the Worship Arts Pastor also has oversight of the children’s music and arts programs and provides for worship support for smaller groups (Elder retreats, leadership training events) and for special services (weddings, memorial services).

Covenant Church is unapologetically Christ-centered and delights in worshiping God; teaching the Scriptures; reaching men, women and children for Christ; forming them as devoted Christ followers; and flinging them out upon the world. Their church family is significantly shaped by the presence of Purdue University two miles from their building. While they are part of the Reformed tradition, they are neither theologically strident nor liturgically narrow. Covenant Church prizes the virtues of grace and humility.

Click here for a more complete job description. Please contact Radonna Fiorini at 765-463-7303, or at , to further explore the position.

CROZET VILLAGE CHURCH, CROZET, VA - a new EPC church near the University of Virginia (UVA) has openings for internships. If your church has one or more students at UVA, they want to serve them and provide opportunities for them to serve. A “home away from home” (and campus) will be provided complete with home cooked meals as well as spiritual and emotional support. The goal is to provide a church family for UVA students as well as opportunities to intern in a number of areas of ministry - college ministry, student ministry, vocal and instrumental worship leadership.

Crozet Village Church is located 15 minutes from the UVA campus. Dr. Bud Brainerd is the church planter. To learn more about CVC you can visit their website at www.CrozetVillageChurch.org. To inquire about the internship positions call Dr. Bud at (434) 987-2285 or e-mail him at .
(posted 4-17-14)

FAITH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MCDONOUGH, GA (located about 45 minutes south of Atlanta) - is seeking a part-time Music Leader (approximately 12-15 hours/week). Their desire is that their worship service will combine the classic hymns of our faith with more contemporary hymns/songs that convey rich theology. The Music Leader will select worship and choral music, direct weekly choir practice, help cultivate instrumentalists and soloists and lead the music portions of the worship service. He/she must have a strong knowledge of both traditional and more contemporary music for worship (i.e. Gettys, Sovereign Grace Music, Indelible Grace Music). The Music Leader will lead in singing and ideally play an instrument. This person must have a mature faith, be in agreement with Reformed theology and see themselves not as a performer but as a prompter who knows how to worship and help draw others into the presence of the Lord.

The salary range for this position is $13,000 -- $15,000 depending on experience, education and abilities. For a full job description, visit the church website at www.faithpresbyterianepc.org. Interested candidates should submit a resume to Mr. Mark McClelland at .

FELLOWSHIP EPC, SOUTH LYON, MI - Fellowship Student Ministries is seeking a Middle School Intern who is excited about being used by God to reach and disciple middle school students. This is a one-year, paid internship, with the goal that at the end of one year the intern will have the skills to lead a youth ministry program that produces disciples of Jesus Christ, who in turn can disciple others. For a complete job description go to www.fellowshipepc.org/fsm. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their resume to Alan Conrow at .

HERITAGE EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE ORCUTT AREA OF SANTA MARIA, CA - is currently seeking a paid full-time Outreach Coordinator to help reach their community with the gospel. Heritage is a small church with a desire to be more effective in making an impact for God’s kingdom in the Santa Maria Valley.

Only about ten percent of the local community is in worship on any given Sunday morning, so there is great potential to reach many unchurched and formerly churched people with the gospel. This would be the coordinator’s full-time job, along with occasional preaching and abundant teaching opportunities in training the current congregation in outreach techniques and skills.

The coordinator would be responsible for going into the community, building relationships, and inviting people to become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. Strong evangelistic gifts and people skills would be required. This position would be an ideal place to hone church planting and/or evangelistic skills while under the covering of a supportive local congregation with a thirty-one year history in the EPC. This position is currently being offered as a one-year term that could also be a great opportunity for a seminary internship, especially for someone interested in pursuing a position in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Potential candidates please send résumé and cover letter addressed to the Clerk of Session at (electronic copies, please). Information about the Santa Maria Valley and their community is available at www.santamaria.com. Learn more about Heritage at www.HeritageEPC.org.
(posted 3-17-14)

HOPE CHURCH, RICHMOND VA - is seeking to fill 4 full-time Praxis residency positions starting August 2014 and ending June 2015. These positions are full-time internships designed for talented, highly capable individuals who plan to serve in vocational ministry and feel called to the local church. Residents will spend 10 months in a structured learning environment that will sharpen and equip them for a life-time of catalytic ministry


  • Seminary degree or college degree combined with ministry experience, either paid or volunteer
  • A growing relationship with Christ
  • Commitment to Hope’s vision and mission
  • Team player with a heart to serve
  • Some ministry or seminary experience preferred (varies by department)
  • Ability to flex with a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • Self-Starter

To apply, please visit www.hopecentral.com/praxis for further information and for application instructions.

KEMPSVILLE EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – a vibrant, multi-generational, charismatic church of 600 is seeking a dynamic Director of Worship. KPC values a God-centered, passionate and celebrative style of worship that includes traditional (hymns, creeds, readings, words from the congregation), contemporary (new music, arts, banners, dance) and creative styles of worship that glorify Christ.

The Director of Worship will be responsible for overseeing and providing vision, direction and leadership for a congregational ministry that facilitates the worship of God and the greater ministry of the church. The ideal candidate will be gifted in leading worship, possess people management and motivational skills and have the ability to develop diverse volunteer ministry teams, work as a team player and be a good listener. As a ministry leader, the Director will be responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of the ministry teams within the Worship Department. The candidate should shepherd with humility, while exhibiting the spiritual gifts of encouragement and faith.

A bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with extensive experience in conducting either/or choirs, orchestras, praise bands and expressive ministry arts is required. Ordination in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church is beneficial.

Qualified candidates should submit resumes and salary expectations to:

Kempsville Presbyterian Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

LAKE FOREST CHURCH, HUNTERSVILLE, NC - is seeking a Director of Youth Ministry who will love students – believers and non-believers alike – and help them discover and live out their role in God’s story. If the idea of doing that excites you, they’d love to hear from you... but only if you can answer a resounding “Yes” to the answers below:

  • Are you awesome? (Please continue.)
  • Do you think middle and high school students are awesome? (Great, keep going!)
  • Are you able to bribe people to show up and do most anything with the promise of free food? (Well done. You’re almost there!)
  • Do you want to work for and worship in a church community that takes Jesus and the Bible very seriously but doesn’t take itself seriously? (You should check out the job description below.)

But first, here’s a little bit about them:
Lake Forest Church is a vibrant, growing, 15-year-old church of 1,700 – 2,000 people, offering five worship opportunities among three campuses in the North Charlotte/Lake Norman, NC-area, specifically Huntersville, Davidson and Denver. Started in 1998 by Mike Moses, LFC is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). The laser beam vision of LFC is reaching people who have ‘given up on church but not on God’ through a clear and engaging focus on Jesus, spiritual growth in small groups and intentional deployment outward in mission.

Resumes can be sent to and will be accepted until May 15th.

For complete job description please visit LFC’s web site at http://lakeforest.org/contact/employment.
(posted 4-11-14)


LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY CHURCH, GOLDEN, CO - is seeking a part-time, 25 hours/week, Director of Youth Ministries responsible for 6th – 12th grade ministry of approximately 50 members with 15-25 regular attendees.


  1. Intentional - with their decisions and in their ministry, a goal for the ministry.
  2. Desire & able to disciple - someone to journey with teens through the ups and downs of life, and pour the Gospel into all parts of life. Ability to communicate Reformed biblical truth to teenagers.
  3. Lead others well - has an authentic and living relationship with God and can communicate that to others.
  4. Ability and desire to partner with parents.
  5. Administrative abilities.
  6. Committed to Colorado, Front Range and Lookout Community Church.


  1. On your knees in prayer / worship / in the Word yourself (NOT to plan something)
  2. Pastoring (teaching, meeting with kids, putting out “fires”, counseling, FB/text)
  3. Working with parents (putting out “fires”, notifying when you see red flags, open communication, encouraging, responding to needs)
  4. Learning (about culture, about learning styles and teaching techniques, about theology, about ministry, about trends, about scripture, about ideologies…)
  5. Communicating (getting word out, parents, church, leaders, spreading “vision”)
  6. Planning (programs, lessons, trips, calendars, events, small groups, details, logistics, etc.)
  7. Preparing for programs, trips, etc. (supplies, food, printing, gathering items, recruiting people, filling needs)
  8. ”Church stuff” (staff meetings, all-church events and programs, random staff duties)

For more information about the church, view their website at www.lomcc.org. Interested parties should send their resume to .
(posted 3-17-14)

REYNOLDA CHURCH, WINSTON-SALEM, NC – a church that will soon have multiple campuses throughout the Piedmont-Triad area of North Carolina is searching for Venue Worship Leaders at two campuses.

The Venue Worship Leader is each campus’ lead artist, musician and technician. As lead artist, this person will not only grow in and use his own artistic abilities to lead the artistic worship life of each campus, but will also recruit and reproduce more and better artists to do likewise. As lead musician, this person will recruit, train, coordinate and lead musical teams to direct corporate musical worship. As lead technician, this person will provide oversight of all of the campus’ technological aspirations, needs and issues. This will require recruiting, training and leading technological teams. Above all and in all of these roles, this person will demonstrate a deep love for Jesus Christ and the worship life of His people.

If you are interested, please submit a resume, statement on your philosophy of worship and worship audio/video to .

SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, MEMPHIS, TN – seeking a full-time Director of Ministries for Women.  Click on the links below for the following information:

Interested candidates should direct all e-mail correspondence to Luanne Hearn, HR Coordinator, at with the subject “Womens Director Search” or call (901) 454-0034.

SIERRA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NEVADA CITY, CA - is looking for a Worship Arts Ministry Intern. They are looking for a strong Christian who is an experienced musician (instrumental and vocal) and is skilled in leading and performing contemporary Christian music. This person will be involved in developing contemporary and creative worship ideas and in the planning, preparing and leading of worship services along with pastors, staff and volunteer leaders. For more information, please view the Position Description.

If you are interested in applying for this position, contact Pastor Mike Griffin at 530-265-3291.

WARD EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, NORTHVILLE, MI – is seeking a part-time Application Support and Training Specialist. This position will cast the vision for and maintain the day-to-day operations of Ward Church’s Church Ministry System as well as improving users’ technology skills creating an environment in which both church staff and volunteers can efficiently and effectively serve the congregation and the ministries of Ward Church. Visit http://www.wardchurch.org/careers for more information and a detailed position description. Interested applicants should e-mail their resume to Chris Ockerman at .

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EPC General Assembly Office

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OFFICE OF THE EVANGELICAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, LIVONIA, MI – the national office of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church is seeking a part-time Technology Administrator to oversee the office’s technology infrastructure and interface with staff members and technology vendors. In addition, the Technology Administrator will oversee the changeover of the denomination's current web site to BlackBaud’s NetCommunity Grow. The position will require up to 28 hours per week during the BlackBaud implementation in the first half of 2014 with fewer hours ongoing. For more information view the position description. Send your resume and cover letter to Chief Operating Officer Phil VanValkenburg at .

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Outside the EPC

BETHEL REFORMED CHURCH (RCA), APLINGTON, IA - a rural congregation with many young families, they are seeking to develop a regional ministry of outreach for Christ. This new staff position is for a full-time, non-ordained person who will develop ministries of worship and small groups. Previous experience in developing such ministries is preferred. To inquire or send a resume, please e-mail Pastor Scott at .
(posted 3-12-14)

CORNERSTONE OF LAKEWOOD RANCH, BRADENTON, FL - seeks to hire its first full-time Director of Children’s Ministry. The Director’s primary responsibilities will be to provide vision, leadership, and coordination of the church’s ministry to children from newborn to 5th grade. This includes, but is not limited to, planning for and execution of Cornerstone’s Sunday morning ministry program, volunteer recruitment, volunteer training, curriculum development and family care. Additionally, the director will lead the strategic development of new ministry endeavors in their community. Cornerstone is a growing church with 350 adults and 60-70 children in attendance across their weekly services.

Education Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree is required, while a master’s degree from a Reformed seminary is preferred
  • Background in ministry, education, or child development

Other Requirements

  • Love for children and their parents
  • Mature Christian faith
  • Reformed theology and perspective on children’s ministry
  • 3-5 years proven experience in ministry
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Strong people skills in relating to children, parents, volunteers, and staff
  • Self-starter

For more information, view the complete position description. Interested applicants should send their resume to Sandra Cobb via e-mail to , regular mail to 14306 Covenant Way, Bradenton, FL 34202 or phone 941-907-3939

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (PCA), PALM BAY, FL - is currently accepting applications for a Children’s Ministry Director. The Children’s Ministry Director is responsible for the overall operation of the children’s ministry (Nursery through 5th grade) and to serve the children and their parents who are a part of our Palm Bay and Indialantic campuses.

This growing church of over 700 members is committed to developing followers of Christ who worship God passionately, connect with God’s people and impact God’s kingdom.

To find out how to apply, visit www.covenantpalmbay.org/apply. Any questions, please send them to .
(posted 3-14-14)

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HAINES CITY, FL - is prayerfully seeking a full-time Next Generation Pastor. They are looking for the gifted person that God has chosen to reach the young adult and youth population of Polk County, Florida. The church is located in the shadow of Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld. FPC is going through a period of discernment with regard to its affiliation with the PCUSA. After the General Assembly in Detroit this summer will be moving through the gracious dismissal process of the local presbytery and realigning with another Reformed denomination, most likely the EPC. FPC’s beliefs, history and ministries are available online at www.fpchainescity.org.

To meet the needs of their diverse congregation they have a variety of programs, including senior ministries, young adult ministries, youth ministry, various children’s ministries, intergenerational mission trips, community events, Life groups, Stephen Ministry, Sunday School, Terrific Tuesdays and Wonderful Wednesdays (after school children’s ministry), day and evening Bible studies, healing services, Food Pantry and new members classes. The youth participate in the Fun-in-the-Son and Great Escape summer conferences. They also have four different Sunday services: Traditional, Contemporary, Blended and a recently added Sunday afternoon Hispanic service. Average worship attendance is 860 and church school attendance 185.

They are looking for the following in the Next Generation Pastor:

  • Be a primary teacher of the Sunday Alive Service (9:45 AM) and plan Christ-centered worship services
  • Develop ministry that connects worship participants with one another
  • Oversee and participate in the youth ministry by working with a ministry team that helps identify and equip youth leaders and volunteers that will reach out to their young people
  • On occasion be available to preach and help lead worship at the 8:15 and 11:00 services as requested by Senior Pastor
  • Assist in visitation ministry to shut-ins, rehab centers and hospital patients
  • Provide counseling and referral as needed
  • Have a good working relationship with the Children's Ministry Director helping to develop ministry that reaches the younger married couples, single parents and their children
  • Be well versed in all areas of technology and able to demonstrate proficiency in Facebook, Twitter, video, sound, church website, etc.

Position Qualifications:

  • Has a growing and vital relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Desires to reach others with the life-changing message of the Gospel
  • Is an effective speaker/teacher
  • Is well organized with strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Has a heart to reach out to young families both in the church and community
  • Is comfortable meeting new people, using the telephone and social media
  • Will be a leader of leaders, available to assist the session, deacons, Stephen Ministers and Life groups.

If interested in this position please e-mail your resume and cover letter describing why this position is a possible match for you to Mr. Danny Chandler at or by mail to First Presbyterian Church, 104 Scenic Highway, Haines City, FL 33844. Application deadline is June 1, 2014.
(posted 3-20-14)

FIRST REFORMED CHURCH, PELLA, IA - is looking for a full-time Contemporary Worship Leader who is committed to encouraging others in their Christian walk through worship. They are looking for a team player who has a heart for worship and the ability to recruit, train, and equip others as part of their worship teams. Candidate should be able to play guitar, keyboard, or both. Candidate would also be responsible for helping to develop additional worship ministries and services as directed by the Lead Pastor. Additional qualifications are listed below:

  • Compelling relational skills
  • Strong Technical knowledge
  • Keen understanding of contemporary praise & worship music
  • Effective ability to recruit other musicians
  • Firm vocal and instrumental abilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.

More information about First Reformed Church is available on their website at www.frcpella.org.

Interested applicants should send their resume via e-mail to Lead Pastor Rev. Mike Herring at .

THE FIRST REFORMED CHURCH OF DEMOTTE, IN - has begun a search for her next Senior Pastor. The congregation is praying that the Lord will provide a Senior Pastor who not only loves to preach, but desires to lead the congregation, by word and example, into effective engagement with the community. Opportunities abound for a pastor who loves to build and guide a ministry team, and who is gifted to direct and participate in the pastoral care ministry of the congregation. Contact Sam Hamstra at .

ROCKLAND COMMUNITY CHURCH, GOLDEN, CO - seeks an Associate Pastor who is relational, outgoing and self-motivated, who will nurture, grow and energize the congregation in their Christian faith. Rockland is a multi-generational church with an average weekly attendance of 600. The ideal candidate will have 5-8 years of church ministry experience, a Masters of Divinity degree and a successful track record of preaching and teaching. Their sermons should engage, stimulate and challenge the congregation and their teaching should be biblically based, thought providing and insightful.

Rockland Community Church is a relational, caring and outreach-centric church. Connecting in ways that are particularly relevant to attract and retain young adults and families in their 20s, 30s and 40s is essential for this position. The Associate Pastor is expected to build strong relationships within the congregation, mentor and support existing ministry teams, reach out to new individuals and to those who are in need within the congregation.

The Associate Pastor will actively participate in Sunday worship services, participate in the Church’s discipleship programs, be a member of the pastoral care team and report to the Senior Pastor. The candidate should be an ordained Christian Minister, a natural leader, yet a team player, consistently demonstrate high personal integrity and model Jesus Christ in their daily life.

The successful candidate will join two current pastors and fourteen staff. If you prayerfully feel that God could be leading you to this opportunity, please send your cover letter, resume and statement of faith to: .

ST. JOHN’S EVANGELICAL PROTESTANT CHURCH, CULLMAN, AL is seeking a Senior Pastor who has a heart for serving our Lord. If you base your message on Scripture, have a heart for ministering to the lost and hurting, teaching and spiritual growth of His children, then submit your application. They are seeking a dynamic Senior Pastor with a minimum of five year’s experience, an accredited seminary degree, with a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ with priority for evangelism and missions. Their normal attendance revolves around 500 in three services on Sunday. Cullman is a city of 15,000 with an outstanding school system, award winning park facilities and an ideal environment for raising children. They are located on I-65, one hour from Birmingham or Huntsville. Compensation will be commiserate with experience. Interested applicants can check their website at www.sjepc.com or contact Karen Hassell at 256-734-0344 or e-mail for more information.

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, MARSHALL, TX - seeking a full-time Youth Minister. Trinity is a 400 member parish located in downtown Marshall with a growing population of children and youth. The church is searching for a Youth Minister who models respect, acceptance, a loving attitude, a connection to God and a listening ear for God and others. This person will serve youth (5th – 12th grades) and their families by building a team that works together to achieve the mission and goals of the youth ministry of the church (www.trinityepiscopalmarshall.org). This new staff member will also manage and lead the youth ministry program, provide pastoral care and participate regularly in Sunday morning worship.

The successful candidate will be a self-starting, energetic leader who is professional and passionate about youth ministry. The next Youth Minister should also be approachable, grounded in his or her faith and possess the desire to work alongside the rector, parish and parents to create a sustainable youth ministry. Qualifications include experience in youth ministry and a college degree.

Resumes can be sent to .

UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF GREENVILLE TEXAS - seeking a part-time Youth Director.  They are committed to their youth and are seeking a leader who can implement a youth ministry to reach their vision.  This person should be fun and energetic and will work with a team of parents, volunteers and the Senior Pastor to create an exciting and welcoming faith community.  Interested candidates should have a high school diploma at a minimum and be at least 21 years old.  Click here for a complete position description.

Submit resumes by-e-mail to .  Any questions can be directed to .  They are proud to be a drug free employer and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing.


Positions included on this website edition of the EPC Opportunity List are at the request of the church or agency. A complete list is distributed monthly to the Stated Clerks, Ministerial and Candidates Committee Chairmen of each Presbytery. EPC ministers and candidates under care may also receive the monthly distribution upon request to the Office of the Stated Clerk. If you would like to advertise an open position at your church, please e-mail a draft of your ad to for more information.

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