Ministry Staff Opportunities List

Ministry opportunities in the EPC are updated regularly on the electronic version of the EPC Ministry Staff Opportunities List. Listings here are at the request of the church. A print version, with additional opportunities, is available to EPC Ministers and Candidates Under Care (to request a copy, contact the Office of the Stated Clerk.

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Study Guides for Written Ordination Exams

Procedure Manual for Ministerial and Candidates Committees

The "Procedure Manual" brings to together Scriptural principles, the EPC Book of Order, the legislative actions of the General Assembly and standard practice relating to the ministry. The Manual also contains forms commonly used by presbytery committees.

It is a valuable reference tool for the desk and computer of presbytery Ministerial And Candidates Committee members and also for every EPC minister and church office.

Pastor Retreat Resources

Committee Commended Resources:

  • Broom Tree Ministries - locations in western Michigan and southern Wisconsin.  Retreats are free to accepted applicants.
  • Quiet Waters - for a more intensive and intentional time with access to counselors, Quiet Waters in Denver comes highly recommended.

Other good places we know about:

PIR Ministries

PIR's purpose is to encourage and support pastors in the vocational transitions of their lives. It provides a program called “Pastor in Residence,” helping exited pastors and their families find restoration and hope in a grace-centered church,

PIR Ministries, a Committee Commended Resource, also works to address issues of pastors in crisis. Recently PIR published PASTORS AT RISK, a book by the ministry's founder and EPC minister, Chuck Wickman. The book addresses ten topics that often contribute to the dismissal of a pastor, which can put the pastor ‘at-risk’. PIR’s website provides helpful resources to address pastoral issues as well as a survey to help a pastor determine his level of risk for being exited.

Starting Over Workshops

Most of us have been impacted by divorce, either as a child or adult. Dealing with the loss after divorce is one of the most painful and emotional times one can ever experience. In the midst of heartache people are in desperate need of a loving and healing touch from God in their lives.

Starting Over, a Committee Comended Resource led by EPC minister Mark Skalberg, has been providing hope and healing for over twenty years to thousands experiencing divorce, separation or the loss of a significant relationship. Participants receive the tools to practically process the emotional and social recovery of loss through compassion and biblical guidelines.

For information, see www.startingoverworkshops.com.

Andrew Jumper Scholarship Fund

The Andrew Jumper Scholarship Fund is available to EPC Candidates Under Care in the Master of Divinity Program at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS). Scholarship recipients are expected to seek ministry positions within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Applications are available from any RTS Admissions Office or RTS Deans of Students.

Moving discounts for EPC ministers/churches/staff

On file with United Van Lines is an agreement making special terms and discounts available to any EPC church, minister, or staff position. The agreement  coordinated out of the Chattanooga office of Armstrong Relocation and Companies. To receive a free estimate, call 1-800-283-5814, and be sure to identify yourself as an EPC church, minister, or other staff position. You may also visit the website @ www.armstronglocalmovers.com where you may request an estimate on-line. In the notes section of the request form, please again identify your association with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  Read more.