Student Ministries Overview


EPC Student Ministries (EPCSM) recognizes that it can most effectively minister to students by loving those who are on the front lines with them-the youth workers (full-time, part-time and volunteer alike).

We practically love on them by setting up denominational mission trips, conferences and ministry training events, offering advice and a wide variety of resources, helping them to empower parents, all while connecting them together with other EPC youth workers and endeavors.    

If you are an EPC pastor or youth worker and have partnered with us before, then we trust that you know the value of such partnership.  If you are new to the EPC or aren't very familiar with us, then one question that might come to mind is, "Why should I consider connecting and partnering with EPC Student Ministries?"  That's a fair question.

The short, oversimplified (but not overstated) answer is this: there is incredible value in stepping back from your own ministry world to see the bigger Kingdom picture-to see that you're connected to a greater whole. Levi was a tribe. Issachar was a tribe. Judah was a tribe. Only together with the other nine were they a nation. And when times of war came, they needed to fight as a nation.

Your church and ministry can be effective on its own. But, as we link arms as EPC soldiers on the front lines, our effectiveness and appreciation of the bigger Kingdom picture is only enhanced.

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