Purpose & Core Values


Vision: To bring about radical change for Jesus Christ in student and young adult lives across the nation and around the world. We pray that EPC Student Ministries will be used of God to be a catalyst for revival. We want to positively affect the culture in every arena the EPC has a ministry.

Mission: To make disciples of students and young adults for Jesus Christ, by joining with EPC congregations to provide growth and ministry opportunities, resources, ministry training and loving support for youth and young adult ministers-all for the glory of God.

Core Beliefs:

  • Students and young adults are important to God and a vital part of His Church today and in the future.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ has the answers to questions about identity, significance, security and relationships that students and young adults are asking.
  • Jesus, in the Great Commission, commands the Church to reach and make disciples of students and young adults throughout the world.
  • A disciple-making ministry begins by penetrating the culture of students and young adults and meeting them at their level of spiritual interest.
  • Ministry to students and young adults is most effective in producing mature followers of Christ when it involves families and is fully integrated into the life of the Church.
  • Student and young adults can be effective in reaching their world for Christ Jesus if taught and encouraged to do so.

Image Library (Light Bulb) - Student Ministries (Stock...Ministry Played Out in Practicality
:  Form follows function.  The face of EPC Student Ministries (EPCSM) has been gradually taking shape since 1985 to express the heart of its responsibilities to the many faces of student and young adult ministries across the denomination.  Because EPCSM cannot always be on the front lines of ministry, its essential functions exist for the benefit of those who are--whether they're ministering to junior highers, senior highers or college-aged adults. These essential functions can be best summed up by the following three words:

Inspiration: We want to see youth and young adult ministers do ministry with passion, excellence and joy, while enabling the global EPC family to celebrate what God is doing in our ministries.

Connection: We desire to connect all EPC youth and young adult ministers to one another in love, service, communication and partnership-from church to church, presbytery to presbytery, and from church and presbytery to EPCSM.

Empowerment: We want to support youth and young adult ministers who need assistance, advice, training and resources in seeing their ministerial visions come to pass.

EPCSM recognizes that that it can best accomplish its mission and vision by inspiring, connecting and equipping those "on the front lines"-the youth and young adult ministers, full-time, part-time and volunteer alike.

How the Functions Are Accomplished:
What does inspiring, connecting, and equipping look like on the front lines of doing ministry? For more than a decade, EPCSM has been offering both foreign and domestic mission trips, facilitating annual summer conferences for senior highers, providing youth worker training at presbytery, publishing a newsletter called The LINK, establishing regional networks of student ministries, recommending youth speakers, camp and retreat facilities, Bible study curriculum and partnership opportunities, and gathering youth and young adult workers from across the denomination to an annual youth workers' retreat, called Youthworker Oasis.

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