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Sending students on mission trips who are financially strapped.  Equipping small churches with resources they couldn't afford otherwise.  Bringing in gifted and passionate speakers to minister to youth workers at our annual YouthWorker Oasis.  Exploring new, groundbreaking mission trips, service projects and discipleship experiences in which EPC youth ministries can participate.

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These are the kinds of things that can and will happen with your giving to Student Ministries' Benevolence Askings.  "It takes so little to make a big difference" is a cliché that is thrown around from time to time.  But allow EPC Student Ministries to throw it around in your direction-because it's true.  Some churches give thousands a year, some give hundreds, while some give whatever they can whenever they can.  But for every dollar that comes through your generosity, the cause of Christ in youth ministry is advanced.  And its effects are felt on the front lines-in the lives of students and those who minister to them!

These askings for denominational students and youth workers represent strategic recommendations by your EPC Student Ministries Committee. In them, the Committee believes it has identified the most effective use of these modest amounts of funds for maximizing youth ministry efforts at the General Assembly level.

Curriculum/Resource Development [YM-021]

Although there are many fine resources published with a biblical worldview and a holistic view of the church's mission, there are few that have been developed with the EPC Essentials in mind that consciously teach the Scriptures and the full counsel of God from a reformational and evangelical worldview.

The Student Ministries Committee seeks to create a Biblically based and culturally relevant Youth Curriculum that can be adapted for use within Sunday School, Bible studies, and weekly youth group meetings Funds received would allow for the commissioning of curriculum and similar resources containing lessons and related materials to assist any youth worker or Sunday School teacher to better teach and equip students within their ministry.

Ministry Pioneering & Development [YM-020]  

As Student Ministries reaches out to an ever-changing, postmodern generation, it is striving both to grow and improve existing ministries while pioneering new ministries and trip offerings. Some ministries on the horizon include targeted ministry for students alongside new EPC churches, missionaries or ministries. These ministries, which would be non-traditional, experience-based discipleship and evangelism opportunities for junior and senior high students, are growing in demand.  

Student Scholarships  [YM-024]  

Student mission trips can be a life changing and faith transforming experience. When a student can taste and see the reality of God building His church and gathering His people, it can enrich the way they view people groups as well as their role towards impacting the world for God. EPC Student Ministries is committed to providing affordable short-term mission opportunities for youth ministries that lack the resources to plan and implement their own mission experiences. While Student Ministries does its best to keep costs down, the trips do not include transportation or leader's costs. These costs when passed down can double the per-person price for student participants.

Every year there are students, youth leaders, sometimes even entire youth groups, who cannot participate in a mission trip because they lack the necessary funding. Without leaders, a church cannot send students; and without students there are fewer lives impacted by God's redemptive work. The Student Ministries Committee would like to provide assistance to those students and leaders who otherwise would not be able to attend by offering financial assistance through full and partial scholarships.

Youth Worker Leadership Enrichment [YM-023]  

EPC Student Ministries exists to connect, train, and equip youth leaders with relevant resources that will enable them to become more effective leaders. Whether full-time or part-time, paid or volunteer, big church or small, East coast or West coast, we share a common goal of reaching and discipling the next generation of church leaders. Topics such as shifts in post-modern culture, counseling trends, and leadership development can be communicated in a timely and cost-effective manner through web-based technology as well as regional gatherings. Funds received will be used to host conferences at the Presbytery level, as well as create web-based net-conferences, podcasts, blogs and on-line forums.  

Please contact the General Assembly Office if you or your church would like to help support our student-loving mission!  Simply call (734) 742-2020.

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