Vocational Intersection


Welcome to the Vocational Intersection.  We've been expecting you.  Well, not you specifically, but the kind of people you represent-the EPC church leader seeking a gifted person to minister to your church's junior and/or senior highers or the the guy or gal who's passionate about youth ministry, and is looking for an EPC church in which to serve.  Whoever you are and whatever your reasons for standing at this Intersection, our hope is that our Great Orchestrator God may use this site to be a "match maker" of sorts.  Who knows?  Let's get busy and find out.

On this part of the EPC Student Ministries' site, you can order our resource entitled, Hiring & Keeping a Youth Worker, list a student ministry position opening in the EPC, or post your resume for prospective churches to peruse. 

What is Hiring & Keeping a Youth Worker and how can I get a copy?

How can I send my resume for consideration at an EPC church looking to hire?

If you are interested in keeping your resume on file here at EPC Student Ministries, please email it to us. We'll forward it on to all EPC churches who are looking to hire a middle school and/or high school youth pastor. We'll keep your resume on file for 6 months.  If you, in the meantime, find a position, please let us know so we can remove your resume from our files.  Thank you!