Hiring & Keeping A Youth Worker


In September of 2005, EPC Student Ministries released an updated and expanded version of Hiring & Keeping A Youth Worker: A Practical Guide for Churches Seeking to Hire with Wisdom & Keep Their Youth Workers for the Long Haul.

To give you an idea on what's inside this resource, we've printed the Table of Contents below:

Part One: Hiring the Right Youth Worker                                            
  • 10 Commandments of Hiring A Youth Worker
  • Search Committee Timeline
  • Readying Your Church's Profile
  • Qualifications for Youth Ministry Professionals
  • The Interview: Asking Good Questions
  • Being Financially Forthright with Applicants
  • Call of the Wild: The Call to Ministry

Part Two: Holding on to that Youth Worker of Yours   
  • The Most Frightening Numbers
  • What to Expect from Your Church's Youth Ministry
  • How Pastors Can Keep Their Youth Workers
  • Longevity in Youth Ministry

Part Three: Appendix                                                                        
  •       Resources to Help with Hiring & Keeping a Youth Worker
  •       Places to Post Your Church's Job Opening
  •       Online Intersections
  •       Sample Screening Form
  •       A Word about the Youth Worker Position Description
  •       Good Examples of Various Position Descriptions


This resource is free of charge to any EPC church simply by contacting EPC Student Ministries and requesting one.  If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.