CPR Strategy - Urban Ministries Network (UMN)


Serving the weak, wounded, and without for the redemption of the city.


Where the weak are strengthened, the wounded are healed, and those without are supplied through the Cross of Jesus Christ.


Co-laboring with urban dwellers, urban sensitive churches, and other ministries to address the spiritual, emotional, and socio-economic needs of the city.

Proclaiming with brokenness and humility the redemptive Gospel of Jesus Christ

Expanding His Kingdom through church planting, community development, and suburban/urban partnerships.


To transform urban centers by establishing churches and aiding existing urban ministries to impact their communities for Christ. Urban ministry is providing hope by turning our hearts and extending our hands to the poor in urban centers with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • To aid and assist existing urban ministries in whatever way possible;
  • To establish churches and ministries in urban centers in consultation with presbyteries;
  • To develop and promote opportunities for racial reconciliation.

Why and How One Church Is Serving Its City

Where can you help the EPC serve urban communities?