World Outreach: Becoming a Missionary



What’s the Process of Becoming a World Outreach Missionary?

Placement as a missionary with World Outreach is a partnership effort between the potential missionary, the home church or presbytery, the cooperative agency (if there is one), and the World Outreach Committee. Each partner in the process is a tool God uses to confirm the call to missionary service, the current or future readiness, and the most appropriate and effective place for that service.

World Outreach appoints missionaries through our internship program (less than 1 year anticipated service), our shorter-term program (1-3 years anticipated service), or our longer-term/career program (4 years or more). 

Due to the sensitive nature of many of the areas in which we serve, our Opportunities List is not published online.  To receive a copy of this list please contact Patti Moore at the World Outreach office.

WO Longer Term/Career

WO Shorter Term

WO Internship Program