World Outreach: Leadership



Director's Advisor
Administration Assistant
Amy Rose  Finance Assistant
Project Assistant
  EPC Director of Finance
Gerri Sutherland EPC Finance Assistant

(World Outreach finances are handled through the Office of the General Assembly.)


International Theological Education Network (ITEN)
Western US Associate for Missions Advancement Engage 2025 Mobilization
Central US Associate for Missions Advancement Engage 2025 Mobilization
Jim Murphy & Barbie Murphy Missionary Member Care Coordinators
   Recruitment Coordinator
Eastern US Associate for Missions Advancement, Engage 2025 Mobilization and Missionary Prayer Network Coordinator
 Brandon W and Team Development Coordinators

World Outreach Committee - (WOC):

The World Outreach Committee of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church has been established by the General Assembly as one of its permanent committees. Membership on the committee is through election by the General Assembly of six ruling elders and three teaching elders, plus the Stated Clerk, Moderator and Moderator-Elect of the EPC.

The relationship of the WOC to the presbyteries and sessions of the denomination is defined by the duties assigned to the WOC by the General Assembly. The World Outreach Committee’s broad task is to provide leadership and consultation for the EPC in developing a mission program and in seeking to develop and strengthen a mission spirit across the denomination, enabling the EPC to be a mission church in belief and in action.

Current members of the World Outreach Committee include: 


, Stated Clerk William 'Bill' Dudley Moderator
, Assistant Stated Clerk
Carroll Coakley
Don Elliott Gabe Swing
Doug Thompson, Chairman
Ken Roesler



In order to facilitate the work of sending and support missionaries on the field, the World Outreach has established a Personnel Committee. The responsibilities of this committee include the approval of candidates for mission service in the EPC, the evaluation of current missionaries, and the approval of Terms of Call (financial support package) for current missionaries.

Current members of the Personnel Committee include:

Emily Reid   
Thom Burbridge              Ken Roesler     
Doug Thompson, WOC Chairman
                                           , Assistant Stated Clerk


The mission and goals of World Outreach are ones we share in partnership with the presbyteries and churches of the EPC. Current chairmen of presbytery World Outreach committees, or presbytery missions contact persons include:


, Stated Clerk Mike Frison, World Outreach
Alleghenies Presbytery Midwest Presbytery
, World Outreach , Stated Clerk
Central South Presbytery Rivers and Lakes Presbytery
, Stated Clerk , Stated Clerk
East Presbytery Pacific Presbytery
Bob Garment, Stated Clerk , World Outreach
Florida Presbytery Southeast Presbytery
Dexter Kuhlman, Stated Clerk , World Outreach
Mid-America Presbytery West Presbytery
, Stated Clerk
Mid-Atlantic Presbytery


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