WO Candidate Stage

As a part of this stage, the candidate will be asked to:
  • Gather information from the World Outreach staff, committee members, and other World Outreach missionaries concerning World Outreach to determine that he/she desires to continue to pursue placement with World Outreach  
  • Provide documents and participate in experiences that will help World Outreach have a greater knowledge of the candidate in order to make a well-informed decision about appointment and placement. The major components involved will include:
  • Participation in a Cross-Cultural Assessment Center (Readiness Evaluation) 
  • Completion of other assessment instruments including:
  •    a. Language Aptitude Test 
       b. Bible Content Test (for non EPC teaching elders) 
       c. Medical and Psychological Tests 
       d. Inter-Cultural Competency Scale 
       e. Marriage Evaluation
  • Approval by a cooperative agency (where applicable)
    Invitation from a field team to join them in their work
  • 1 to 2 hour interview with the World Outreach Committee