What is this? 

Z-4:10 stands for Zechariah 4:10, "For who has despised the day of small things?"  Scripture reveals a God who works in remarkable ways in unexpected places.  Those places might be the smaller churches of the EPC, meeting with under 200 people on an average Sunday that make up about 60% of the denomination.

The Z-4:10 Network exists to affirm leaders of small churches and assist them in understanding their ministries missionally, in discerning their church's unique strengths and gifts, and in reaching their communities.  This network is in its infancy, begun with the conviction that it will grow best from the ground up, as leaders connect in various and meaningful ways.

Following Phill Butler's definition of a network (Well Connected, 2006) the Z-4:10 network is a way to facilitate ongoing communication and information sharing, helping EPC small church leaders to do their work more effectively.

The Z:4-10 Network assumes that:

  • A church has worth and significance because it is a people of God, not because of its size.
  • Being a missional church is more important than size in determining ministry success.
  • Lack of growth in a church, no matter what its size, may or may not be indicative of missional unfaithfulness and must be honestly addressed.
  • Solutions to issues in a small church may be different than those in a larger setting.
  • Leaders of small churches will benefit from connections with peers, mentors and coaches. 

Right now you can:

  • Download the Z-4:10 Network Announcement Letter
  • Join the discussion of small church issues on the "Issues & Ideas" page
  • Browse the growing list of resources on the "Resources" page
  • Explore links to sites of interest to small church ministry

In the future watch for:

  • A Z:4-10 Newsletter (Subscribe in advance using the E-news signup at the top of the page)
  • Clusters of small church leaders forming
  • News of the things God is doing in small churches of the EPC
  • Regional or National Conferences
  • A networking time at the upcoming General Assembly meeting

The Z-4:10 Network Leadership Team

Rob Buchanan
EPC of Elkton
Elkton, VA 
Tommy Jordan
Sylvania Presbyterian Church
Ward, AR
Ken Jones
Grace EPC
Franklin, NC
Fred Lian
GracePoint Community Church
Littleton, CO
Ed McCallum
General Assembly
Livonia, MI

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