We want to minister to our college students over the summer.

If your congregation has a significant number of college age members who are home for the summer, recognize that existing ministries at your church may not provide a good summer home for these students.  To effectively minister to this age group, EPC churches have developed a number of approaches.

a. Gathering Opportunities – Offer a gathering early in the summer (late May). Students often will self-organize, but need space and some support in getting started. You may want consider contacting an upper-level undergraduate student or a graduate student in the winter to see if they would consider organizing and leading. This is an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills, and would be ideal for a student who has expressed a desire to pursue full-time ministry in the future.

b. Service Opportunities– Offer opportunities for students to serve in the church in the summer. This could include internships (with some pay).

  • Provides support to students and other ministries of the church.
  • Gives college students the opportunity to explore ministry as a vocation.
  • Helps students build their resume for future job interviews.
  • Creates relationships that can last a lifetime.