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Bethlehem Steltz Reformed Church aims for National Register of Historic Places

The Bethlehem Steltz congregation (Codorus Township, PA), which has about 100 members, is protective and proud of its church and historic cemetery. To that end, they want to preserve and share it with the public. So, church deacon Stuart Hendri is leading an effort to get the church property added ...

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Urbana 12: Intervarsity's Student Missions Conference

St. Louis, Missouri (December 27-31, 2012) http://urbana.org/urbana-12 Urbana is a mission’s conference with a compelling message to this generation to "give their whole lives for God's global mission." Urbana 12 is fast approaching and College Ministries is excited to already have 15 ...

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EPC Women In Ministry Resourcing You for Advent

One of our goals is to resource women in order to equip them for ministry.  This month we are focusing on giving you resources for soul development during the Advent season.  Christ is the Lover of your soul and it is in Him that you have life.  Take the time this season to grow in ...

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Home Missionary John Bueno Year End Report

EPC Home Missionary John Bueno writes to you about a year of "Christ planting" and his efforts to minister to communities with a vision of crossculture ministries.  Click here to read EPC Home Missionary John Bueno's 2012 Year End ...

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Churches assist Border Transitions Ministries in Laredo

A small group from Cornerstone Church in Katy, TX, the congregation of Grace Chapel in Madison, MS and a retired men’s group from Pittsburgh, PA assisted Border Transitions Ministries in ways that could only been of the Lord.

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Greentree Community Church Acquires Land

UPDATE With the purchase of a 3.6-acre site at 100 Kirkwood Place, Greentree Community Church (GTCC) is setting down roots in Kirkwood.Plans are to develop the property as a permanent worship and ministry home for the church's 400-plus member congregation. The site is located between South Taylor ...

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Ministerial Vocation Committee approves PIR Ministries

Studies indicate that 1,500 - 2,000 pastors are displaced from their church each month, or 18,000 to 24,000 a year. Unlike being laid off or fired from most other positions, the exited pastor doesn't have the church to fall back on for support. The church is the source of the disappointment, anger ...

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Evangelical Presbyterian Church Joins Stormans et al v. Selecky et al Amicus

By the action of its Committee on Administration (COA) on November 21, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church joined other religious organizations in an amicus curiae (friend of court) brief in the case of Stormans et al v. Selecky et al, a case that is being appealed to the US Ninth Circuit Court of ...

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Orchard Christian Fellowship To Break Ground November 30th

Orchard Christian Fellowship, known as The Orchard, has begun construction on a multi-purpose building in Londonderry. Projected completion of the 5800 square foot building and 100 space parking lot is the summer of 2013.  The building will be located at 136 Pillsbury Road. You can read the ...

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Thanksgiving Greetings From Kazakhstan

Dear friends! I know that you already foretaste the aroma of baked turkey and of pumpkin pie! Before you get together in your blessed families to thank God for everything I would like you to know that we are thankful to God for you in our lives! My friends, you have to know that God is doing His ...

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