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Annual Statistical-Financial Reporting

We regret to announce that the online database of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (www.epc.org) will not be available for 2013 reporting due to technical difficulties which, unfortunately, were not able to be resolved. You may still use the site to get previous years' reports. Clerks of ...

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2013 Annual Statistical/Financial Reporting

An overview of the 2013 Annual Statistical and Financial Reporting: Reports are collected on www.epcdata.org.  With your PIN, you may view and print reports from prevous years now.  The site is being prepared for 2013 data entry and you will not be able to enter new ...

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Annual Statistical and Financial Reports due March 31

Each year we pubish a "family snapshot" of the EPC by way of the Annual Statistical and Financial Report. Be part of the photo and send in your Report by entering data on www.epcdata.org by March 31.  The site will be closed to new entries on April 1.  If you need a copy of your ...

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