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Collision of Spiritual and Technological Trends among Millennials:

Online Faith Practices, Fact-Checking Sermons and Digital Donations Most would agree that today’s Millennials (18-29 year olds) are the most technologically savvy generation to date. We are also discovering that their faith experience and practice is also unique. So what happens when these ...

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One Formula for Reaching Millennials: Five Adult Fans

For years, many in youth ministry talked about the one to-five ratio of adults-to-students as the optimal goal for everything from retreats to small groups.  Leaders worked hard to build a volunteer youth ministry team that reflected the 1 to 5 ratio. Today, the world has changed. There are ...

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Nomads, Prodigals and Exiles in our Midst

Taking a Closer Look at Once Church-Going Millennial Thankfully many young adults have a growing faith and a strong connection with their church.  However, there is a growing trend that many of us have observed and recent polls by Gallop, UC-Berkley and Duke University and Barna ...

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