World Outreach: Go with WO (Long-Term/Career Service)

There are three stages in the process of appointment and placement as a long-term/career missionary through World Outreach:

Applicant stage: The applicant stage begins with the initial, official contact with the World Outreach office, and culminates with a face-to-face interview with the World Outreach Personnel Committee. Along the way, the applicant will be asked to do the following:

  • Complete the Get Acquainted Form and then talk personally with the World Outreach Director
  • Complete the World Outreach Application
  • Submit references, including a recommendation from the home church session or presbytery (if the applicant is an EPC teaching elder)
  • Submit a doctrinal statement
  • Personal interview with World Outreach leadership

Candidate stage: The candidate stage begins with approval by the Personnel Committee to move ahead in the process of placement as a World Outreach missionary. Its purpose is to give the newly-appointed candidate, and World Outreach, a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level so that we can each decide if we believe God is calling us to partner together in mission service. All of this process leads up to the final interview, which is with the full World Outreach Committee. During the candidate process, the candidate will be asked to:

- Gather information from the World Outreach staff, committee members, and other World Outreach missionaries concerning World Outreach to determine that he/she desires to continue to pursue placement with World Outreach

- Provide documents and participate in experiences that will help World Outreach have a greater knowledge of the candidate in order to make a well-informed decision about appointment and placement. The major components involved will include:

  • Participation in a Cross-Cultural Assessment Center (Readiness Evaluation)
  • Completion of other assessment instruments (many of which are completed as part of the Readiness Evaluation) including the following:
    • Language Aptitude Test
    • Bible Content Test (for those who are not EPC teaching elders)
    • Medical and Psychological Tests
    • Inter-Cultural Competency Scale
    • Marriage Evaluation
  • Approval by a cooperative agency (where applicable)
  • 1 to 2 hour interview with the World Outreach Committee

Itinerating Missionary Stage: Upon appointment by the World Outreach Committee, the candidate becomes an approved missionary of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The next stage is a time of itineration in the churches, sharing the call and organizing a team of supporters who will surround the missionary with prayer and provide financial support. It is also a time of preparation for the service to which the missionary has been appointed.

As a part of this stage, the missionary will be asked to:

  • Participate in an orientation process, designed to familiarize the missionary with serving under World Outreach. If serving in a cooperative agreement, there will also be an orientation process with the cooperative agency
  • Receive appropriate cross-cultural training
  • Attend the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church to be presented to the people and churches of the EPC and to be commissioned as a missionary of the EPC
  • Fulfill any special requirements that were a condition of appointment as a World Outreach missionary
  • Raise 100% of the ongoing and one-time financial needs as reflected in the approved Terms of Call
  • Provide a detailed plan for language acquisition, and, in some cases, to begin language study
  • Submit a variety of documents to the World Outreach office for our files

This stage concludes when the missionary boards a bus, train, ship, plane, or automobile to his new home, wherever in the world that may be.