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Some recommended books

  • Bickers, Dennis. 2005. The healthy small church: Diagnosis and treatment for the big issues. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press.
  • Burt, Steven E and Hazel Ann Roper. 2000. The little church that could: Raising small church esteem. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Judson Press.
  • Callahan, Kennon L. 2000. Small, strong congregations: Creating strengths and health for your congregation. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass
  • Crandall, Ron. 1995. Turnaround strategies for the small church. The effective church series. Ed., Herb Miller. Nashville: Abingdon Press.
  • Daman, Glen C. 2002. Shepherding the small church: A leadership guide for the majority of today's churches. Grand Rapids: Kregel.
  • Daman, Glen C. 2006. Leading the small church: How to develop a transformational ministry. Grand Rapids: Kregel.
  • Farris, Lawrence W. 2000. Dynamics of small town ministry. Herndon, Virginia: The Alban Institute.
  • Pappas, Anthony G., ed. 2002. Inside the Small Church. Herndon, Virginia: The Alban Institute. 
  • Rothauge, Arlin. 1983. Sizing up a congregation for new member ministry. New York: The Episcopal Church (Education for Mission and Ministry Office).  Available online.
  • Schaller, Lyle. 2003. Small congregation, big potential: Ministry in the small membership church. Nashville: Abingdon Press.
  • Tucker, Ruth A. 2006. Left behind in a megachurch world: How God works through ordinary churches. Grand Rapids: Baker Books.

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