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The EPC is invested in your well-being and helping you adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. We are available to help answer your questions, better your wellness, and help you manage chronic conditions. One way we do that is by supporting a wellness program—a systematic approach to healthcare that emphasizes employee health and disease prevention as well as the treatment of an illness. We are committed to encouraging you to making the health care decisions that are right for you in addition to providing support to change lifestyle behaviors so that you may live life to its fullest. Studies show that employees who participate in such a program are:

Absent from work less often.
More engaged in managing their health.
More productive.
Less costly to the healthcare system.

The EPC Wellness Program is voluntary, has no cost to participate, and provides immediate and long-term benefits. To encourage participation, eligible individuals who complete the Wellness Program activities will receive an incentive award. The following EPC Medical Plan participants are eligible to participate in the EPC Wellness Program:

Full-Time Employees.
Covered Spouse of a Full-Time Employee.
EPC Teaching Elders.
EPC Retirees.


Sharecare is a digital health solution through Highmark that helps our members manage all their health in one place.The EPC is here to help you better manage and understand your health, and provide timely and actionable steps to improve it, no matter where you are in your health journey. By utilizing the valuable features Sharecare has to offer, members enrolled in our medical plan will receive personalized insights, information, daily tracking, innovative programs, and one-of-a-kind tools to help you live a healthier life.


Step 1: Go to on your mobile device or PC.
Step 2: Click on Create My Account. During registration, you will be asked to provide:

Your first and last name.
Your gender and date of birth
Your ZIP code.
Your email address, along with a password.
Your member ID number (enter numbers only; no spaces or letters).
Click on agree on terms and conditions.


After creating your account through you can download the Sharecare app on your Apple or Android device. When prompted to register your app, use the email and password you used to create your Sharecare account to link the app to your newly created account. You can enjoy the ease of interacting through the app to complete your 2019 Rewards program, track Green Days, connect with valuable health content updated daily and review your health profile. If you prefer to use your desktop, you will still have access to the full Sharecare experience.

For Sharecare support, call 800-858-9063 or visit Member Support at


Premium Rates Calculator

Calculators and charts provide monthly premium rates for 2020 EPC Benefit Plans

Medical/Prescription Drug Plan Document

The 2020 Plan summary document constitutes the terms and conditions of your medical and pharmacy coverage

Medicare Enrollment Planning

A Medicare Supplement Plan is designed to “supplement” coverages provided by “original” Medicare

BCBS Global Core Plan

Also known as the Gold Ex-Pat Plan, the BCBS Global Core Plan is designed for our World Outreach global workers serving overseas


Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) Document


Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) Document


Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) Document


Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) Document

Bronze HDHP

Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) Document

Prescription Drug Plan Smart90 Fact Sheet

Smart90 provides 90-day refills of maintenance medication prescriptions via Walgreens or Express Scripts home delivery

Prescription Drug Mail Order Form

Information and instructions for our Express Scripts prescription drug home delivery program

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form

Use this form to submit receipts for prescription drugs you have purchased at full price from a retail pharmacy


Highmark BCBS

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website

Highmark Baby Blueprints

Maternity education and support program

Highmark Beat Diabetes

Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

Highmark Blue Distinction

Hospitals proven to deliver superior results for complicated, costly procedures

Highmark Blues on Call

No-cost information and support from a health coach

Highmark Care Cost Estimator

Compare cost estimates for more than 1,600 procedures

Highmark Member Portal

Check claim status, view your explanation of benefits, locate providers, and more

Highmark Personal Wellness Coach

Connecting you to resources available through your health plan, employer, and community

Highmark Virtual ID Card

Works just like your plastic ID card

Information provided in this web site does not constitute legally binding advice. EPC benefits are subject to the provisions of the Medical Plan and Retirement Plan documents available on this web site or in print from EPC Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI), 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510, Orlando FL 32822. For more information, contact BRI at or 407-930-4492 (voice and fax).

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