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The EPC offers a 403(b)(9) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan to eligible employees and ministers. A 403(b)(9) is a defined contribution retirement plan designed for church organizations. It is not subject to certain ERISA requirements. A 403(b)(9) provides for individual participant investment accounts that can be used to invest funds on a tax-deferred basis to be withdrawn during retirement.

Employers can make a tax-sheltered contribution on behalf of their employees. Participants can make tax-sheltered or Roth elective deferral contributions. Roth Contributions result in tax-free growth and distribution.

A unique feature of a 403(b)(9) is that ordained ministers may allocate a portion of their retirement withdrawals to tax-exempt housing allowance, subject to IRS limits. When requesting your retirement withdrawal, please indicate to Fidelity whether you are an EPC-ordained pastor.


To enroll in the EPC’s 403(b)(9) Plan, go to the Fidelity NetBenefit online portal at Once you have created your account, make sure to complete the beneficiary section. When your online enrollment is complete, you will receive email confirmation from Fidelity. Forward this message to your church’s benefits administrator.


Investments Options Guide

26-page booklet describing Fidelity’s investment options available in the EPC 403(b)(9) Plan

Retirement Plan Document

Terms and conditions that apply to the EPC’s 403(b)(9) retirement program

Investment Policy Statement

Outlines the general investment policies as adopted by the BRI Board of Directors


Fidelity NetBenefits provides online access to you account balances, investments, personal rate of return, and more. Additionally, you can manage your investment options, use interactive tools to help you visualize how your retirement savings stack up against those of your peers, and much more.

Also available on NetBenefits is a full curriculum of live online workshops on a range of topics, from budgeting and debt management to college planning and investing. The workshops are available all types of investors. Whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Fidelity has created a workshop fit just for you. To access a calendar of workshops on the NetBenefits portal, after logging in click the “Library” tab, then scroll down and click the “Workshops” link.

The NetBenefits app gives you access to your Fidelity workplace accounts on your mobile device, and is available for Android and Apple iOS.

Fidelity NetBenefits

NetBenefits App: Android

NetBenefits App: Apple iOS


Contact Information Update Form

Enrollment and Beneficiary Designation Form

Or use the online portal at

Beneficiary Designation Update Form

Or use the online portal at

Transfer/Rollover/Exchange Form

Use to move assets from another retirement plan into the EPC plan, or to consolidate multiple employer-sponsored retirement accounts currently held at Fidelity. When submitting the form, you must include the last financial statement of the assets you wish to transfer/rollover. Prior to starting this process, contact your previous investment provider to see if additional paperwork is required. If your previous investment provider will transfer funds via check, it must be made payable to Fidelity Investments.

Retirement Plan Distribution Form

The Distribution Form is specifically customized to allow a retired EPC-ordained pastor to request tax-free housing withdrawals. Note that unless the participant is submitting aa a “hardship withdrawal,” participants cannot make distributions unless they are retired or terminated.

Salary Reduction Agreement Form

Complete this form and submit to your church’s benefits administrator.

Termination Report Form

When terminating employment, please complete this form and submit to your church’s benefits administrator.


The EPC Retirement Plan is a 403(b)(9) Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. A unique feature of a 403(b)(9) is that ordained ministers may allocate a portion of their retirement plan withdrawals to cover housing expenses on a tax-exempt basis.

Click here for more information regarding the Housing Allowance provision offered in by the EPC’s 403(b)(9) plan.


All paper forms should be sent to:

EPC Benefit Resources, Inc.
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510
Orlando, FL 32822
Fax: 407-930-4492

For retirement planning guidance, contact Fidelity at 877-895-5986.
For questions and/or guidance on the EPC’s 403 (b)(9) Retirement Plan, call 800-343-0860.
For further Retirement Plan inquiries, call the EPC Benefit Resources, Inc. office at 407-930-4492.

Information provided in this web site does not constitute legally binding advice. EPC benefits are subject to the provisions of the Medical Plan and Retirement Plan documents available on this web site or in print from EPC Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI), 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510, Orlando FL 32822. For more information, contact BRI at or 407-930-4492 (voice and fax).

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