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The Nominating Committee report to the 42nd General Assembly of its work during 2021-2022, plus recommendations for consideration by the Assembly.

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Summary of Work
Summary of Recommendations
Work of the Committee
Recommendations (Detailed)
Committee Members
Meeting Dates

Brian Altmyer

RE, Presbytery of the Alleghenies


1. Nomination of Moderator and Moderator-elect for 2022.

2. Review of committee vacancies.

3. Nominations for permanent committees.

4. Follow-up on finalizing slate of nominees.


42-01 That the General Assembly elect RE Rosemary Lukens as Moderator of the 42nd General Assembly.

42-02 That the 42nd General Assembly elect the slate of nominees for the 42nd EPC General Assembly permanent committees, standing committees, and boards.

42-03 That the 42nd General Assembly elect TE Joe Kim as Moderator-elect of the 42nd General Assembly.


The Nominating Committee works year-round encouraging members of each Presbytery to apply for permanent committee positions.

The committee met on March 11, 2022, via video conference to review committee vacancies and work on filling the slate to present to the 42nd General Assembly. Many of the nominees were contacted the day of the meeting and further contacts were conducted by email.

The committee would like to thank the staff of the Office of the General Assembly for their great support, especially Zenaida Bermudez for her administrative support and Stated Clerk Dean Weaver for his advice to the Nominating Committee and dedication to the members of all EPC committees.



Nominee for Moderator of the 42nd General Assembly
Rosemary Lukens
RE, Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest

Rosemary Lukens

A Ruling Elder for Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church (CHPC) in Gig Harbor, Washington, Rosemary Lukens is an Executive Coach with extensive leadership development experience in health care and nonprofit organizations. Among her areas of professional expertise are coaching and consulting with individual developmental planning; conflict reconciliation; leadership development for teams and individuals; program and curriculum development; and workshop, meeting, and classroom facilitation.

For the past 19 years she has helped a diverse array of physicians, executive leaders, managers, and their staff members with relationships, strategy, and goal setting. She also has assisted such non-profit organizations as hospitals, physician groups, city governments, universities, and churches adopt practices and build cultures that appreciate and embrace change, improve performance, and optimize talent.

Lukens is a Registered Nurse by training and holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Puget Sound and a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science with a specialty in Coaching and Consulting in Organizations from Bastyr University’s Leadership Institute of Seattle.

She holds certifications in the Conflict Dynamics Profile from the Center for Dynamics; Crucial Conversations from VitalSmarts, Inc.; The Harrison Assessment (Levels I & II) from Harrison Assessments International; the DISC Index from Innermetrix, Inc.; Benchmarks 360 from the Center for Creative Leadership; Coaching for Development from the Center for Creative Leadership; the Kolb Learning Style Inventory from the Hay Group; and the Mayer, Salovey, Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) from Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

In addition to being a Ruling Elder, she serves CHPC as a certified Spiritual Director, Lay Counselor, and Leadership Coach/Consultant. She is a member of the EPC’s National Leadership Team (NLT) and was a member of the Stated Clerk Search Committee. She also serves as a volunteer board member with VitalChurch Ministries.

She is married to David Luken, DO, and they have 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 3 “adopted” grandchildren.


Slate of Nominations—Permanent Committees and Boards. Some nominees had not confirmed acceptance of their nomination at press time and will be announced at the 42nd General Assembly. Note: ^second term; *pending Session or Presbytery endorsement.

Benefit Resources, Inc., Board of Directors

Class of 2025 RE Stuart Van Kirk Alleghenies
Class of 2025 RE Jim Lewien^ West
Class of 2025 Sandy Siegfried^ Great Plains


Chaplains Work and Care Committee

Class of 2025 TE David Horton Central South
Class of 2025 TE Claude Douglas Overall Great Plains
Class of 2025 TE Glen Holman^ New River


Fraternal Relations Committee

Class of 2025 TE Case Thorp Florida and the Caribbean
Class of 2025 TE Alan Trafford^ Gulf South
Class of 2025 TE David Galbraith Midwest


Ministerial Vocation Committee

Class of 2025 TE Fred Lian^ West
Class of 2025 RE Neil McAtee Central South
Class of 2025 TE Chris Curtis Rivers and Lakes


National Leadership Team

Class of 2025 TE Carolyn Poteet Alleghenies
Class of 2025 RE Brian Evans^ Midwest
Class of 2025 TE Michael Flake Central Carolinas
Class of 2025 RE Earla Bethel^ Florida and the Caribbean
Class of 2025 RE George Hertensteiner Great Plains


Next Generation Ministries Council

Class of 2025 TE Cole Lescher Mid-America
Class of 2025 TE Joseph Stroup Alleghenies
Class of 2025 Faith Reid Central South
Class of 2025 Herman Armstrong Mid-America
Class of 2025 TE Megan Bergem Pacific Southwest


Nominating Committee

Class of 2023 RE Bob Vincent Gulf South
Class of 2024 RE Stacey Miller Coastal Mid-Atlantic
Class of 2025 TE Rob Sparr Alleghenies
Class of 2025 TE Brad Kenney West
Class of 2025 TE Ron Meyer East
Class of 2025 RE Rob Liddon Central South
Class of 2025 TE Robert Chambers Central Carolinas
Class of 2025 TE Tom Clymer New River


Permanent Judicial Commission

Class of 2025 RE Gordon Miller Mid-Atlantic
Class of 2025 RE Donald Flater Rivers and Lakes
Class of 2025 RE Nat Green Pacific Northwest


Presbytery Review Committee

Class of 2023 RE Jim Conners Pacific Southwest
Class of 2024 RE Keith Hopkins Pacific Northwest
Class of 2025 TE George King^ Gulf South
Class of 2025 RE Ray Kinat^ Alleghenies
Class of 2025 TE Mark Willems Pacific Northwest


Theology Committee

Class of 2025 TE Stephanie Black Mid-Atlantic
Class of 2025 RE Joe Bingold Pacific Northwest


World Outreach Committee

Class of 2025 RE Doug Dempsey Florida and the Caribbean
Class of 2025 RE Johnny Long^ Southeast
Class of 2025 RE David Van Valkenburg^ West
Class of 2025 TE Marcos Ortega East


Nominee for Moderator-elect of the 42nd General Assembly
Joe Kim
TE, Presbytery of the East

Joe Kim

Joe Felix Kim is a church planter of Hope Philly, which as of now consists of two micro-churches in the Philadelphia area with a third launching soon. Joe was ordained as a Teaching Elder in the EPC in 2015. Prior to planting Hope Philly, he served as the English Ministry pastor of Korean churches in New Jersey and New York.

Hoping to make it as an actor on Broadway, Joe studied Music at Temple University and later finished his degree Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. But our Lord had different ideas, sending him in 2005 to get his MDiv at Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

Joe came to faith in 1995, and quickly got involved in ministry. He has served at various times in his life as a children’s director (his first love), choir director, and youth group director in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, South Jersey and Queens, New York.

He is a regular contributor to Reformed Margins, a blogsite that provides a platform for Reformed Christian thinkers from various ethnic minority backgrounds to join in the broader Reformed and Evangelical conversations.

Joe is married to Emii and has two beautiful daughters, Norah (7) and Naomi (1). Emii is an advocate of special needs ministry as Norah is on the autism spectrum. It was Emii who taught Joe that Norah isn’t someone to apologize for getting in the way of ministry. Norah and his family is ministry; a ministry from which all other ministries can flow.

Joe has served on various committees in the EPC. In 2017, Joe joined the Ministerial Committee for the Presbytery of the East. In 2018, he was named the Chairman of the Candidates Care Committee. In 2021, he was placed on the General Assembly’s Ministerial Vocation Committee (MVC). He also serves on the EPC’s Revelation 7:9 Task Force.

He enjoys reading, guitars, theology, all Philadelphia sports teams, and spending time with his family.


Brian Altmyer (Chairman)
RE, Presbytery of the Alleghenies

Henry Beck
RE, Presbytery of the Gulf South

Marian Bradshaw
RE, Presbytery of the Rivers and Lakes

Alan Conrow
TE, Presbytery of the Midwest

Joshua Hurd
TE, Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest

David Ricketts
TE, Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest

Alan Smith
RE, Presbytery of the East

John Adamson
RE, Presbytery of the Central South

Jan Bole
RE, Presbytery of the West

Jeff Chadwick
TE, Presbytery of the Southeast

Wayne Hardy
TE, Presbytery of the Great Plains

Joe McCoy
RE, Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

Juan Rivera
TE, Presbytery of Florida and the Caribbean

Ann Weston
RE, Presbytery of Mid-America


March 11, 2022: Video Conference

Respectfully submitted,




Brian Altmyer, Chairman
May 2022

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