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Coordinated church revitalization efforts in the EPC are facilitated by the GO Center and the Church Revitalization Task Force under the leadership of Dr. Ken Priddy. The GO Center’s focus is the development of missional churches that are led by missional pastors and leaders. This development is driven by training, consulting, and coaching that are provided by the GO Center team.

When a church seeking revitalization enters into a formal relationship with the GO Center, Vision Team Coaches—in partnership with Presbytery Coordinators—work with the congregation’s Vision Team (which leads the revitalization efforts for the church). Presbytery Coordinators serve as the link between each presbytery and the GO Center.

The GO Center was founded in the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic and later merged with the EPC Revitalization Task Force when the ministry of the GO Center was nationalized in 2015. The GO Center is now accessible to all EPC presbyteries and churches.

For more information about the GO Center and church revitalization, see

In the videos below, GO Center Executive Director Ken Priddy discusses just a few of the topics that would be addressed with a church that goes through the GO Center’s church revitalization process.

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