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Church revitalization is one of the EPC’s four strategic priorities, along with church planting, global movement, and effective biblical leadership.

In the FY20 EPC operating budget approved by the 39th General Assembly, funds have been allocated to match those that a local church and its presbytery are willing to invest in a church revitalization project. These matching grant funds are intended to assist congregations with their efforts at renewing missional engagement, evangelistic outreach, and organizational health.

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Church Revitalization Matching Grants from the Office of the General Assembly are not starting funds, but are specifically allocated to match funds designated by local EPC congregations and presbyteries for church revitalization efforts. Therefore, an EPC church or presbytery needs to show that funds for the revitalization project are already allocated, documented, and/or in the possession of the requesting court. The requesting court approves the means by which starting funds are collected.

Grants are available for $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000.

These funds may be applied toward professional consultants, revitalization organizations, or other revitalization efforts that are consistent with the EPC’s confessional and missional standards. Grants are awarded based on:

Demonstrated history of healthy and accountable revitalization work.
Leadership in good standing.
Potential for success and impact.

Grant awards, and their allocation, can occur at any time in the calendar year. Funds are available until the budgeted amount approved by the annual General Assembly is exhausted. Grants may be offered more than once if success is documented and provided to the Office of the Stated Clerk on an annual basis.

The governing body of the church or presbytery requesting the grant must have voted on the request, and present the court’s date and method of affirmation to the Office of the General Assembly. Congregations requesting grants must have the requesting letter co-signed by the appropriate presbytery official providing oversight (Moderator, Stated Clerk, Church Revitalization Committee chair, etc.).

Grant recipients may be requested to share their revitalization lessons learned with other EPC leaders and congregations as opportunity arises, as well as having their stories shared with a broader audience.


Churches and presbyteries seeking matching grant funds should use the online Application Form below. Please note that applications will not be considered until complete and the documents requested on the Application Form are included. These forms can be attached and sent with the Application Form.

The Stated Clerk and Director of Finance and Administration—in consultation with the Assistant Stated Clerk and chair of the NLT Finance Committee (and others if necessary)—will review applications and seek additional information as needed. When an application is approved, Matching Grant funds are made available for distribution in one lump sum, or in phases.


These ministries are just a few of the many organizations that offer church revitalization assessment and implementation strategies.

GO Center

Led by Ken Priddy, the GO Center is a ministry of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic and provides missional vitalization and revitalization through training, coaching, consulting, and assessment.

Interim Pastor Ministries

Interim Pastor Ministries provides a wide range of services, including assisting in the development of healthy churches, Transitional Pastor training and coaching; and supporting and serving denominational leaders.

VitalChurch Ministry

VitalChurch Ministry diagnoses the health of churches in transition; prescribes transition strategies; evaluates and trains individual pastors; and provides specialized support such as regional assessments, training, and deployment.


Please complete the application form below, then click the Submit button. Items marked with a red star are required. It may be helpful to write your answers in a separate word processing program, then copy and paste into the application form.

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