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Goal: $10,000

Project ID: 477

EPC Chaplains minister on the battlefield, at military bases, and in hospitals, prisons, law enforcement agencies, and corporate settings. The EPC’s Chaplains Work and Care Committee and Chaplain Endorser oversee the endorsement process and oversee the pastoral care of EPC Chaplains. Gifts provide the Chaplains Work and Care Committee the resources it needs to carry out its full responsibility as an endorsing agency, and assist chaplains in their ongoing training.

You can donate to this project by using:

The secure form below, which includes the option to set recurring monthly contributions.
Text-to-give on your smart device by texting “epcchaplains” to 50155.
 Check—put “Care of Chaplains Fund (477)” on the memo line, and send to:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510
Orlando, FL 32822

Thank you for supporting the care of EPC Chaplains with your generous financial gift!

If you have not done so, please click “Create an Account” below to create a new donor account. This allows you to edit contact and payment information in the future, as well as make changes to recurring donations if desired. If you have donated previously without creating an account, please create an account using the same email address that you used for previous donations.

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your support contributions are tax-deductible. We retain full control over the administration of donated funds and make every attempt to honor giving preferences. In rare cases when that’s not possible, gifts are used for a purpose that reflects donor intent as closely as possible.

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