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I will be proud to follow my Florida homeboy and fellow kilt wearer @casethorp into the year 2019 as our new moderator! #epc2018ga Congratulations Case!

Phew... #epc2018ga was great, but I’m going to need to take a long nap from all the assisting of the Executive Assistant to the Assistant Stated Clerk...

Congratulations to @casethorp, new moderator of the @EPChurch. Pray much, press in close to Jesus, and lead us well brother. #epc2018GA

Every time Dean Weaver’s name is brought up at #epc2018ga, I immediately hear Gary Wright’s smooth vocals on the Wayne’s World soundtrack.

“Liturgy is where our theology finds its expression.” Walter Taylor presenting on the Lord’s Supper in the Reformed tradition at the #WestminsterSociety lunch here at #epc2018ga

Is proper medical or legal training more important than proper theological training? Would someone who needs legal help be satisfied with commissioned-lay-attorney? Would someone who needs surgery be content with a commissioned-lay-doctor? #epc2018ga

Need someone to answer the burning question I’ve heard most of all this week at #epc2018ga - just what is the seating capacity in here anyway?

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