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Nel passato remoto si marchiava in quello prossimo si etichettava nel presente si #hashtagga , dio feudatario er cancelletto pe cappello

What a privilege to stand next to a man who suffered for the sake of Christ. Andrew Brunson brought the gospel to a nation that needed to hear the gospel. Oh how I’m blessed to have this man’s #testimony. #epc2019ga

I want to encourage those in @EPChurch to be praying for our “cousins” meeting this week at the #pcaga. #epcmoderator #epc2019ga

For those at #epc2019ga who want to take up the call to persistent prayer, I try to do morning, noon, afternoon, and evening prayer for a few minutes using a little manual from the divine hours. Would be happy to have partners who share in and remind each other!

I’ve been away from the news cycle for a few weeks, but dipping back in immediately after being at #epc2019ga makes me all the more determined to a ministry of public truth. Here’s how: /1

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