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Due to security concerns, the World Outreach global worker commissioning portion of the Thursday evening service will not be streamed. The feed will be paused for that portion of the service.


You might be a presbyterian if you spend 10 minutes arguing about an amendment to change procedure to rules to assembly.

Riveting stuff.

#epcga2019 #epc2019ga

Hypothetically Speaking: what happens if @casethorp rules @iamtannerfox out of order and @swansonfpco appeals the decision of the chair? A parliamentary black hole for #epc2019ga

“It’s amazing to be the most prayed for person in modern history, but you never want to become the most prayed for person in modern history.” -Andrew Brunson, faithful Christ follower, living martyr, free man #epc2019ga Isaiah 50:10

Andrew Brunson's testimony reminds me of the truism that we should allow those who are suffering to remind us that God is faithful, not the other way around. #epcga2019 #epc2019ga

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