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CONNECT is a place to gather and collaborate. We hope to create an environment that inspires EPC youth ministry leaders (staff, volunteer, full-time, and part-time) to connect and collaborate based on shared goals, vision, and relationships.

Connect also is a place for encouragement and prayer support. Our desire is to hear and learn from youth leaders, churches, and presbyteries so we can respond by supporting them in their calling to missional student ministry.

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EPC Next Generation Ministries Facebook Group

Connecting EPC Children's, Student, College, and Young Adult Ministry leaders, along with our friends and colleagues.


You can quickly and easily find an EPC church by radius from any address by using the locator tool below. To locate congregations in the Bahamas, increase the Search Radius to 150 and enter Bahamas in the search field. For congregations in Puerto Rico, increase the Search Radius to 50 and enter PR in the search field.

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Surveys are just one means we use to keep feedback continuous and current in the ever-changing face of student ministries across the EPC. We’d love to get to know you better and to hear your opinion on important issues impacting ministry to the next generation. We value your input!


The Next Generation Ministries Council would like to connect with you. Members join the council with a sincere desire to serve those who are called by God to reach and disciple the next generation. The intent of this survey is to just get the conversation started with leaders (staff, volunteer, full-time, and part-time).


Most in student and/or college ministry have heard the statistics and read the articles; the stats vary, but the sentiment is the same—there is a growing concern that young adults are leaving the church, especially after high school. Two common responses are:

1. Ignoring the situation, hoping young adults will return when they are older and have children.
2. Building the church on the preference of young people, excluding older members.

However, many feel that more is going on than the “driver’s license to marriage license” joy ride that we’ve seen in previous generations. The Next Generation Ministries Council wants input from EPC church leaders (pastors, elders, parents, youth leaders, college ministry leaders, and volunteers) on this topic. We believe that there is great merit in sharing our ideas, as God reveals His plan for our young people in our individual churches and in the EPC.

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