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Per Member Asking (PMA) is the primary means of funding the EPC’s mission and vision. PMA for 2018-19 is $23 per member, per year, and these contributions are put to work through collaborative ministries, connectional support, and custodial operations.

• Collaborative Ministries serve and support local church and presbytery initiatives to achieve our mission and vision better together than alone.
• Connectional Support ensures that EPC constitutional mandates unite and align churches, sessions, presbyteries, and committees with the General Assembly.
• Custodial Operations ensures prudent stewardship, protection, and management of EPC assets, integrity, finances, information, and employees.

PMA Contributions can be sent to:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Office of the General Assembly
5850 T.G. Lee, Blvd., Suite 510
Orlando, FL 32822

Secure online donations can be made using the Click to Support the EPC button below. To set recurring monthly contributions by electronic transfer from your checking or savings account, contact the EPC Finance Office at 407-930-4239 or [email protected]. Patrick also is happy to answer any questions you have about supporting the EPC financially.

Thank you for supporting PMA to help fund the vital ministries approved by the General Assembly!

Office of the General Assembly
5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510
Orlando, FL 32822
407-930-4247 (fax)
[email protected]

OGA Staff Contacts