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In biblical days, women drew water from the well to sustain their families. The well also was a gathering place where women met old and new friends—much like women do in coffee shops today. Jesus told a Samaritan woman at the well that the water He gives “will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14). In this way, Jesus invites us to gather around His well and drink from God’s gift to us, who is Jesus—the eternal source of life.

The Well: Women’s Resources exists to equip and encourage women in faith near and far through three primary avenues:

Discipleship resources.
Leadership resources.
Community connections.

Watch this 9-minute video to learn about The Well’s encouragement to mentor new disciples of Christ:

The Well: Women’s Resources is overseen by the Women’s Resource Council, which consists of one representative from each presbytery.

We are continually reviewing materials, so check back often for recommendations on a variety of discipleship and leadership resources (each fully vetted by the Women’s Resource Council) and more. Resources are categorized as Endorsed and Recommended as defined in the EPC Endorsement Policy.


The Well’s virtual communities invite women from across the EPC to share thoughts, questions, and ministry success stories. We want to hear from you!


Visit our blog at Have an idea for an article? Email and let us know!

Social Media

Join our Facebook group to post questions, receive encouragement, and engage with other women in ministry.

General Assembly

The Women’s Resource Council sponsors a variety of events each year to help you grow in your walk with Christ. Join us and be encouraged as you encourage others!


In this video series, members and friends of the EPC Women’s Resource Council discuss topics of relevance among women in EPC churches. To suggest a topic for a future presentation, contact Sharon Beekmann, Chair of the Women’s Resource Council, at


TESS (Teaching, Encouragement, and Spiritual Sustenance) Talks are discipleship and equipping discussions designed especially for women and are held during the EPC’s annual General Assembly meeting.

Our Unstoppable God Replaces Lies with God’s Truth
Presented by Sharon Beekmann
June 19, 2019

Unstoppable God Gives Us Choices
Presented by Rebecca Duvall
June 19, 2019

In the Hands of an Unstoppable God
Presented by Jeanne Gaessler
June 19, 2019


The Women’s Resource Council encourages and provides ways for women to communicate with women across the denomination. We utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, blogs, and all forms of print communications. Of course, person-to-person contact is always encouraged!



Jerry Iamurri, Assistant Stated Clerk


Sharon BeekmannChair
TE, Presbytery of the West

Lynn Burdge
RE, Presbytery of the Central South

Melissa Cable
Presbytery of Mid-America

Rebecca Duvall
RE, Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest

Gail Goolsby
Presbytery of the Great Plains

Dona Haney
Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

Doris Houck
RE, Presbytery of Florida and the Caribbean

Kathy Marcy
Presbytery of the Rivers and Lakes

Becky Melancon
Presbytery of the Gulf South

Margie Opp
Presbytery of the Alleghenies

Kim Sinclair
RE, Presbytery of the Midwest

Joe Ann Stenstrom
Presbytery of the East

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