Termination of coverage under a Benefit Resources, Inc., policy cannot be approved retroactively unless approved by the BRI office. There are five (5) categories under which termination of a BRI policy can occur. The details for each of these are listed below; use these quicklinks to navigate to each section:

Termination of Employment
Qualifying Life Event
Transfer to Another EPC Church
Transition Within the EPC

This information is available in printable, PDF format by clicking the image below.


When employment is terminated:

No documentation is required to terminate coverage.
Normal policy of 12-month continuation on self-pay basis applies.


When an individual covered under a BRI policy dies:

Please notify the BRI office, regardless of whether the employee is enrolled in 403(b)(9) plan.
Surviving spouses and/or dependents are eligible to continue the policy on a 12-month, self-pay basis.


When an employee elects non-EPC coverage due to a Qualifying Life Event:

When an employee covered under a BRI policy transitions to Medicare coverage, spouses and dependents are eligible to remain on the BRI plan if the employee transitions to Medicare.

• This also applies to an employee who is retiring from a large employer. If their spouse and/or dependents are under age 65, they are eligible to remain on the plan on a self-pay basis until no longer eligible (age 26 for dependents or Medicare eligible for spouses).
• If transitioning to Medicare, the covered individual must show a copy of their Medicare card or other proof of coverage to terminate the BRI coverage.

For other Qualifying Life Events, employees and dependents must submit supporting documentation when electing to terminate coverage through the EPC by selecting “non-EPC coverage” on the Termination Report Form.

Only term coverage for those listed in supporting documentation.


When an employee transfers to another EPC church:

The employee’s new church will need to complete a new enrollment form.
Additional paperwork is required if the employee’s new church is new to BRI (CDS will notify BRI that presbytery approval is needed in this situation).


When an employee transfers to another situation within the EPC and retaining their standing in their presbytery, such as Laboring Out-of-Bounds, Pastor Without Call, or Retiring but non-Medicare eligible:

The employee must be an ordained Teaching Elder.
The employee must complete a new enrollment form and self-pay billing form.
The employee must receive approval from their presbytery (CDS will contact BRI with pending approval; BRI will communicate with the presbytery to receive approval).

Information provided in this web site does not constitute legally binding advice. EPC benefits are subject to the provisions of the Medical Plan and Retirement Plan documents available on this web site or in print from EPC Benefit Resources, Inc. (BRI), 5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Suite 510, Orlando FL 32822. For more information, contact BRI at benefits@epc.org or 407-930-4492 (voice and fax).

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