Small Churches Matter
It is a “small known” fact that over 70% of the churches in the EPC are classified as small churches. Small churches matter!

This has been the belief of the EPC from its beginning. For many years support to small churches was led by our former Assistant Stated Clerk Rev. Ed McCallum. Through Ed and later RE Roy Yanke, the EPC sought in the past to create healthy small church networks.

So now we take the next step in the EPC’s ministry to and through small churches. Joining with Roy, Rev. Bill Crawford and Rev. Suzanne Zampella are working hard to make sure small churches are remembered and supported at the national level. Empowered by the Office of the General Assembly, its staff, and particularly Stated Clerk Rev. Dr. Dean Weaver, we seek to build up small churches and their leaders:

• We have begun this work by continuing our annual GA gathering of small church leaders.
• We have started new work with our National Small Church Summits– “for small church Pastors, by small church Pastors.”
• We hope to pick up the idea of developing small church networks that are supportive and intentional to help small churches stay healthy.

We know that this is a very serious and difficult time in the life of small churches. As we are gathering a new team of leaders and working towards a new vision, we would love to hear any ideas, suggestions, hopes, and dreams you would like to share. Please contact us through

We are an informal network of volunteers – praying for you – and working with you. Please pray for us!

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