The Nominating Committee welcomes endorsements of well-qualified individuals for service on the committees of the Church. Sessions and Presbyteries may endorse and submit names for the consideration of the Committee. When recommending candidates, remember that the Committee can present only a limited number of nominees for consideration in any one year, and that it must present only those who are able and willing to serve. Names should be submitted only after careful evaluation of the candidate’s applicable skills and ability to give the necessary time.

Although committee members are not representatives of the Presbyteries in the sense of representing a constituency, all other things being equal the Nominating Committee attempts to spread committee membership among the various Presbyteries so that all geographic regions of the Church may be involved.

The Committee requests that names be submitted no later than February 28 for consideration at this General Assembly. However, the Committee welcomes endorsements at any time during the year for consideration by the subsequent Assembly.

Please keep in mind that this form is to be used only by the Session or Presbytery. Individuals interested in serving on a committee should not submit their own names, but rather express their interest to the endorsing body for proper submission to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee keeps a three-year file of all names submitted; therefore, it is not necessary to resubmit names not used during this period.

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The Nominating Process
Permanent Committees, Board, and Commissions

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The permanent committees of the General Assembly are listed below, along with the size of each, number of meetings per year, and a brief description of responsibilities. Membership on these committees is generally limited to Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders, with the exception of:

1. Next Generation Ministries Council, which may have up to 6 non-ordained members who are qualified in Christian Education and/or have expertise or experience in Next Generation ministries and who are active members of EPC churches.
2. World Outreach, which may have up to 2 non-ordained members with expertise or experience in world missions, and who are active members of EPC churches.
3. Benefit Resources, Inc., Board of Directors, which may have up to 6 non-ordained members with expertise or experience in benefits and retirement programs or corporate leadership.

Terms are normally for three years, and a person may serve two consecutive terms on the same committee followed by at least one year off. In accepting a nomination to committee membership, the nominee should clearly understand and be willing to accept the responsibility of active participation in the regular meetings of his or her committee.

Committees meet virtually by video or telephone conference, with select in-person meetings usually held at the Office of the General Assembly (OGA) in Orlando, Florida. Transportation, lodging, and meals for in-person meetings are coordinated through the OGA, with transportation, lodging, and most meals provided.

Ruling Elders being nominated must be endorsed by their Sessions, and ministers must be endorsed by their Presbyteries. Such endorsement reflects official action of that body and is attested by the Clerk. The endorsement form below should be submitted by February 28 of each year. Forms for endorsed individuals are kept in the Nominating Committee’s active file for three years. At its March meeting, the Nominating Committee considers endorsed individuals for possible nomination for election to vacancies on the permanent committees, boards, and commissions.


Note: “Meetings per year” refer to onsite meetings. Agenda permitting, some of those may be via video conference. Many committees also schedule phone conferences during the year.


Members: 16
Annual Meetings: 4

Serves as directors of the corporation, executing legal and corporate business. Provides coordination of program committee work and oversees the continuing work of the General Assembly between stated meetings. Provides guidance to the Office of the General Assembly and works with the Stated Clerk in personnel administration of the OGA staff. Develops the annual EPC operating budget. The NLT generally meets in October, January, April, and August. Membership consists of 12 elected members, the immediate past Moderator (who serves as committee chairman), the Moderator, the Moderator-Elect, and the EPC Stated Clerk. Four members are elected annually.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 2

Oversees and conducts the chaplain endorsement process, develops and implements policies and procedures for EPC chaplain ministry, and provides for pastoral care for endorsed chaplains and their families. Recommends policies related to chaplaincy to the General Assembly. Generally, meets in October and February and by phone conference.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 1

Assists the General Assembly in developing and maintaining relationships with other bodies of Christians including denominations in the Reformed tradition, ecumenical agencies that are evangelical or Reformed in character, and other groups working to advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism, nurture, and service. Ordinarily meets in the spring (March or April) prior to General Assembly. Two members are elected annually.


Members: 6
Annual Meetings: 2

Resources Presbytery Ministerial and Candidates Committees, oversees the ordination testing process and the Candidates Educational Equivalency Program, and is concerned with the pastoral care of ministers and their families. Ordinarily meets in September and late February. Two members are elected annually.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 2

Provides resources and methods to equip, provide, and connect those who serve in cradle-to-college (and beyond) discipleship ministries in the local church.


Members: 16
Annual Meetings: 1

Seeks qualified people from Presbyteries and churches to serve as Moderator, Moderator-elect, and members of permanent committees. Appoints General Assembly standing committees from registered/certified commissioners. All Presbyteries are represented and nominated for membership on the committee by the Moderator. Four members are elected annually.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 1

Reviews the minutes of the Presbyteries prior to each General Assembly for accuracy, constitutional conformity, and inclusion of all required information. At least one member is a former Stated Clerk. Ordinarily meets throughout the month of April and beginning of May. One member is elected annually.


Members: 6
Annual Meetings: 2

Receives and studies such theological matters as may be referred to it by the General Assembly, and returns its study with recommendations and requested papers to the Assembly. Ordinarily meets twice a year, once in the fall and once in spring. Two members are elected annually.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 3

Responsible to implement World Outreach Master Plan. Interprets and refines World Outreach Missions Manual where necessary. Has oversight and care of EPC global workers, their selection, terms of call, and projects. Evaluates agencies for potential cooperative agreements. Serves as managers of World Outreach corporate legal entity. Works in conjunction with the Executive Director of World Outreach. Meetings generally are held in October, January, and April. Three members are elected annually.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 3

Works with the BRI Executive Director to oversee administration of the EPC Retirement and Benefit Plans. Serves as trustees of the Retirement and Benefit Plan Trusts, and compile the annual report of its proceedings to the Shareholders and General Assembly.


Members: 9
Annual Meetings: 1

Studies questions of interpretation in the Book of Order referred by the Stated Clerk. Reviews overtures, recommendations, and resolutions for changing the Constitution prior to their presentation to the Assembly. In cases referred to the Assembly, makes a preliminary judgment, binding on the parties involved until the Assembly has sustained or rejected its recommendations. Has responsibility to make recommendations to the Assembly concerning wording, changes, amendments, additions, or other matters relating to the Constitution of the Church (G.16-27B). Ordinarily meets in May and sits as a commission during General Assembly. Three members are elected annually. Whenever possible, members will be from nine different Presbyteries.


Please suggest only the names of individuals with whom you have consulted and who are willing to serve if nominated and elected. Please read the form carefully before completing and submitting to the Nominating Committee, in care of the Office of the General Assembly.

CLICK HERE to download the Nomination Endorsement Form

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