Thank you for your interest in a scholarship to Urbana, held every third December in St. Louis. The next Urbana is in 2018. The EPC Next Generation Ministries Council is committed to extending scholarship awards to college students and young adults (age 17-29) who need financial assistance to attend.

Please read the Scholarship Criteria before completing the Scholarship Application. The application is below the Eligibility Criteria Section.


Eligibility is based on financial need and aims to help college students and young adults for whom financial assistance can mean the difference between participation and staying home. The number of scholarships awarded is limited by the donations raised for the College Conference Scholarship Fund. The Next Generation Ministries Council reviews and awards the scholarships.


1. Applicants are college students or young adults (age 17-29).
2. Applicants are members, attend, or recommended by leaders of an Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
3. Applicants are registered to attend Urbana or can show proof of registration upon notification of receipt of scholarship funds.
4. Applicants have church or ministry leadership references.
5. Applicants demonstrate some mission experience, call or church/ministry involvement.
6. Applicants demonstrate financial need to attend.


Up to $150 per applicant is awarded for those attending Urbana, based on financial need as presented in the completed application. The number of scholarships awarded is limited by total contributions to the College Conference Scholarships Fund and the number of qualified—as determined by members of the Next Generation Ministries Council—applicants.


Applicants for Urbana are considered upon receipt until December 10 of the conference year, or until all scholarship funds have been distributed (whichever comes first). Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Applications are reviewed and scholarships are awarded by the Next Generation Ministries Council. Applicants awarded a scholarship will receive an email or phone call from the EPC Office of the General Assembly or a member of the Next Generation Ministries Council.


For more information, contact the EPC Office of the General Assembly at info@epc.org or 407-930-4389.


Please complete as many sections of the form as applicable.

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