Thank you for your interest in working for World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). We currently are seeking to fill the following positions:

No current vacancies

To apply, download and review the description of the position to make sure it fits you. Then complete the online Pre-Application form below. At the end of the online form, upload your resume and cover letter in PDF or Word format. Expect a response from an EPC representative within a week of submitting these documents:

1. Cover letter providing personal insights and stating which job you are applying for, and why you would like to work with World Outreach.
2. Resume.
3. Completed Pre-Application Form.


Employees of World Outreach—as do all employees of the EPC Office of the General Assembly (OGA)—use their God-given talents and time to support the EPC in achieving its mission and vision. The OGA and World Outreach share a special and crucial role in the EPC—to champion the church of Jesus Christ by 1) resourcing and encouraging EPC leaders, churches, and presbyteries to pursue God’s mission in the world, and 2) ensuring our denominational life is consistent with the Presbyterian form of government as it is expressed in God’s Word.

Teammates who prosper and are most effective demonstrate, first and foremost, genuine Christlikeness that stems from growing spiritual maturity, a heart for God, and dedication to His mission in the world. They are committed to the Essentials of our Faith and value our heritage and church governance system, even if not experienced in it. They also love those we serve—the local church—and because of experience beyond worship attendance, possess an innate empathy for church leaders and employees and their needs.

In addition, successful employees possess work habits that help us prosper while using our resources wisely. They are good at what they do as they put their God-given talents to work and seek to continuously improve how it gets done. They “get it” that they accomplish more together as a team than they can by themselves. So they know and utilize their own and others’ strengths and value the EPC mission and vision over their own personal and/or department goals. As needed, they chip in beyond their own job duties to serve EPC committees meet at the office and when we prepare for and conduct our annual General Assembly meeting. They are pleased to live in the 21st century with many technological advances, so they readily adopt helpful but affordable electronic tools, are comfortable with “cloud” computing and are committed to cyber security. Since innovation is often needed and beneficial, employees are continual learners and become adept at handling change and adapting and thriving during transitions.

While we love Jesus Christ, the EPC, and our calling in God’s Kingdom, we keep our perspective that a full and meaningful life entails maintaining a healthy personal and family life. To that end, the OGA and World Outreach leaders seek to respond to unique employee needs. The EPC offers standard office hours, 11 paid holidays, and a generous benefits package to full-time employees.


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